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Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkshire Terrier Race and General Properties

  The history of the race is short enough to be called the end of the 1800s. It was developed by northern British workers for hunting rats and foxes around the farm, as well as rats in the mines. The origin is an enigma because the workers do not keep track of the dogs they use in the development of the breed. Presumably, the Scots, who came to work in woolen workshops in Yorkshire, apparently came with various terrier, especially Skye and Clydesdale.

  These dogs are mated with regional types such as the long-haired Leeds Terrier. Maltese Terriers, Black & Tan Manchester, and Dandie Dinmont Terriers may also have contributed to this blood. Yorkshire Terrier, originally a much larger breed than it is today, has been reduced to its present dimensions with selective production. The first Yorkshire was taken to dog competitions in 1870 to its current standard.

Physical Properties of Yorkshire Terrier

  It’s very long, silky hair is divided into two along the backline and poured on both sides. The hairs of the Yorkshire Terrier are steel blue in the body and tail, and other parts of the skin. Offspring are born black and tan. Yorkshire has a flat head, a medium-length nose structure, a black nose, and regular teeth. The eyes look with a happy expression. The ears are v-shaped or semi-upright. Half of the tail is cut and carried on the back. The legs are perpendicular to the ground, the feet are round with black nails. The hair on the head is long and frequent enough to require the dog to gather on the top to facilitate the sight of the dog and prevent it from entering the food container.

Yorkshire Race is a Good Option for Apartment Life

  Yorkshire is a good option for apartment life. It is quite active at home. It is sensitive to cold. Yorkshire Terrier lives as if it is not aware of its small size. He is always ready for adventure and trouble. This little dog is quite brave, energetic, loyal, and intelligent. Loving towards the owner but sometimes distant to strangers. It can be aggressive towards small animals and foreign dogs. He is better off with mature children who will respect his dimensions. Yorkshire is sometimes easy to train, though stubborn. The race is very dependent on people and requires a lot of love and attention. Yorkshire Terrier is an excellent watchdog. He can bite when he is surprised, scared, or angry. However, it is generally a cute and sweet dog. It may cause difficulties in toilet training. These small dogs should not be raised with overprotective air. Otherwise, they may be neurotic. Yorkshire loves barking, but the opposite can also be taught easily.

The character of the Yorkshire Race

  This dog breed (Yorkshire Terrier) is a dog breed that lives unconsciously of its own structure and size, it seems to be always ready for trouble and adventure. It is a brave, aggressive, energetic, and intelligent dog breed. It can be aggressive towards small animals and other dogs around. Although it is very prone to education, it has a stubborn structure. He can bite when he is angry and aggressive. Although it is a dog breed that is troubled with barking, it can be easily taught because it is prone to education. Toilet training may be a shortage.

Life span, height, and weight of the Yorkshire dog breed

  They can live on an average of 12-15 years. The dimensions are 15-18 cm high and 3-4 kg weight. It does not have much problem in molting, but due to its hair structure, it is a little difficult to care, and it is necessary to regularly care and comb. Also, as important as hair care is dental care, it must be cleaned continuously.

  It is one of the most ideal dog breeds to be fed in indoor environments such as apartments and home environments. Their reaction to the weather conditions never likes cold. There is no need for exercise, but exercising at regular intervals will make him happy. They like to play and they want to play.

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