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Why Does My Cat Lick Me?


  Cats are really cute and friendly creatures. Although some people think they are ungrateful, these thoughts are not acceptable in any case. Cats are generally creatures who are fond of freedom. However, they love to spend time with their owners when they want. Even their interest in you can be quite interesting at times. The lumpy structure you feel in your body, especially when they lick you, can be both enjoyable and interesting.

The way cats express themselves

  If your cat constantly licks you, you may have asked why he did this. There is of course no single reason why these lovely creatures lick you. Here are the possible reasons

Cats’ Socialization Method

  Cats are not only masters in licking their paws, but also all over their bodies. Although they extend their tongues to the most difficult places with great movements, they may need help from time to time.

  Just because your pet licks you doesn’t mean you’re dirty. Although some cat owners think so, this is a wrong idea. The way your cat licks you is by exchanging your scents to establish a bond. It is developing the social bond between you.

Your Cat’s Method of Expressing Love

  They express their feelings differently because cats cannot speak like us. Licking is one of these methods. The reason behind their licking is related to the behavior they see from their mothers. In this way, it shows you the love it has for you. He also conveys the message that he is comfortable, happy, and safe when you are with you.

Licking Cat Owners Reduces Anxiety

  Cats lick themselves impulsively often. Sometimes this licking is so strong that it can even hurt themselves. If it bites your hand or another place more than usual, it may be anxious or stressed. In such cases, they lick themselves or you to reduce anxiety and stress.

Licking Cat Owners as a Game

  Playing with pets is always very enjoyable. Cats also lick with their siblings or family and see it as a game. Therefore, even in the middle of the game, your cat can start licking you. If you are not very disturbed, you can allow it.

Determining the Cat’s Regional Limits

  Cats are very sensitive about their area, like many creatures. They try to leave their own scent wherever they have. While doing this, they can sometimes lick. So much so they can lick you for this reason. Your smell combines with the saliva that comes out of your mouths and you are marked in a sense.

Licking Cats as Odor Change

  If your pet has been constantly licking your fingers or hands later, he says he is obsessed. This is because you are interested. After you cook, when you take care of the garden or other things, the smell you have may also attract his attention. This situation is quite normal.

My Cat Licks Me, What Should I Do?

  If you have an actor and a cat biting you from time to time, it may be licking before the bite. This behavior has nothing to do with harming you. Licking and biting are for gaming purposes only. If the bite started to overdo it, you should get used to not biting it. You should pay attention to this if your hair is starting to erect. If you are doing with what your cat does not like, this may lie under the bite.

  If your cat is a puppy and has just left his mother, you should be patient. It means that he sees you as a lick protector. To reduce this behavior, you can move away from it and forget to lick over time.

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