Why Does My Cat Bite Me?


The stereotype that cats bite to attack is completely false. Some cats want to show their affection by biting, others just bite to play. It is normal to feel uncomfortable with these bites. However, it is up to you to reduce these bites.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

If you immediately make a bitter sound when the little paws bite you, he will understand that it hurts you. When he stops, be careful to speak to him in a sweet voice. If it starts again, make a bitter sound again. To prevent this from turning into a game you don’t want, turn around and give him a small penalty for a few minutes if it continues. You can give a room penalty of 2-3 minutes.

Do not play with cats by making small slaps or pissing them off. This subsequently causes harsh behavior. You wouldn’t want to do the activities that you don’t want yourself, do you?

Remember that cats are natural predators. Their behavior, which we sometimes perceive as mischievous, may be nothing more than this hunting instinct. You should tolerate this.

However, apart from the perception of love, play, and danger, cats may have other reasons for biting. kittens have a teething, they bite something like a massage because of their dazzling gums. Again, kittens tend to bite for play purposes. In this respect, there is a great similarity between human nature and cat nature. Cats also experience a socialization process similar to that of humans. They go through many stages from the moment they are born to the period they reach maturity. Although these stages continue after maturation, they last for a longer time. Cats also have the same “oral phase” mentioned in humans.

To give an example from babies, the Oral period, which is the period when breast milk is breastfed and every object is taken to the mouth, is the stage where the outside world is recognized by mouth. Problems experienced in the oral period may manifest themselves in different forms in adolescence. Kittens also spend the oral period and during this period they get to know the outside world by biting. Of course, the closest cat friends also get their share of this recognition process.

So can you deal with biting as cats?

The answer to this question is unfortunately no! You can’t handle it. In the case of kittens, you will wait for this period to pass patiently. But if we are talking about an adult cat, you have no choice but to accept it as such. Taking a hard attitude to prevent an adult cat with a biting habit will have unwanted consequences and will make your beloved cat offended. Because he is biting because he loves and you are rejecting his love.

Kittens tend to bite when they are 5-6 months old. It disappears altogether with puberty. But if you respond to your cat that bites during childhood, even if it is for play purposes, that is, if you think that you enjoy this job, this game is easily carried to adulthood.

For this reason, even if the biting habit does not pass, you can listen to our suggestions and try to explain to the cute hairball that biting is not a game.