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Variegated Crow


The Variegated Crow is the common name for the bird species that make up the Corvus genus from the family of crows, large-beaked, flat-billed, clawed, and feathers of which are usually black, high, and often disturbing. Larger and generally scavengers are called raven or kelag.Crows have been the subject of mythology with their strange sounds, black colors, and their fondness for bright objects. Some studies have shown that the raven may be the smartest bird, although it is depicted in some stories mindless. The ravens are thought to have perhaps equal intelligence with animals such as wolves from canines.
Nutrition habits

Crows eat almost everything. They mix garbage and feed on a wide variety of foods such as insects, worms, mice, carrion, blackberries, and corn. An adult crow can consume more than 300 grams of food per day. As is known, crows also consume forest products such as walnuts, bonito, and figs. While consuming them, they also contribute to nature by making them spread. There is also a common belief that crows are harming crops. However, crows are useful to the farmers from time to time by eating the creatures that damage crops

The life of crows
The life of the crows is about 13 years. It is also seen that crows in the natural habitats can reach 20 years old and it is determined that the oldest crow can live up to 30 years old. It can be seen that crows that do not live in nature live longer than 20 years. Crows symbolized longevity in mythology. The life of the crow is nine times the life of the human being, according to Plutarch, from a lost work by Hesiod’s. While deers live four times more than crows, the life of ravens is three times longer than deer.

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