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Van Cat


The Origin of Van Cats

  white in Turkey’s mountainous region, known for centuries was the presence of long-haired cats. However, the first two Britons traveling to Turkey in the middle of the 1950s, lady, red at the beginning and tail (Chestnut) markings, and came across the white cat with a stronger body of all cats known as the Ankara cats (are surprised when they see that they play in the water of this cat. Then two cats of this breed were taken to England and these were used to create the breed in Europe.

  The Van cat, which has a loyal, loving, and gentle character, is quite smart and is an active animal as well. This means that they may get prank from time to time. They need exercise, and they like interactive toys.

The Space Van Cats Need to Live

  Van cats need a relatively large area to live. Although they like to be with their owners and like to curl up on the lap to enjoy being loved, they are not a very suitable breed for those who often want to hug and hug their cats for a long time. They like to interact with their owners and are very researchers. They are pretty talkative cats, but their voices are not too loud. They love to play with water to a varying extent. Their love is generally astonishing for cats.

General Features of Van Cats

  The Van cat is a medium to large cat with a strong body. Its half-long pile coat is distinguished by its fundamentally plain white color, with colored patches only on the head and tail. Its coat also feels special and waterproof, which explains that Van cats love water.

  They have large walnut-shaped eyes, which can be amber, blue, or one amber and the other blue. Its ears are rounded and wedge-shaped; It is located at a fairly high level above their heads.

Distinguishing Van Cats from Other White Cats

  The cats of this breed were originally called Van cats because they were originally located near Lake Van, thus allowing them to be distinguished from all other white cats. Van cats, Turkey not only in his native land, is recognized all over the world since the late 1960s is an animal that is quite rare.

A Purebred Cat Type: Van Cats

  The Most Beautiful Van Cat of Cats is a purebred cat species that lives only in the Van Sea Basin. Its most important feature is two different eye colors that result from a genetic disorder. Some of them have both eyes blue; both eyes are amber in color. The most interesting are those with one eye blue and one eye amber. While its plumage increases in winter; in summer it decreases. It has a fluffy tail that resembles a foxtail and white, silky hair. Van Cat; More careful about cleaning than other cats. He eats fruits like melons, watermelons, and even ice cream with great appetite. He loves water and swimming. Hunting instincts are improved. It is extremely easy to maintain. She is mobile, enjoys being loved and playing. It is loyal to its owners. He is smart enough to control the temperature of the dish with his paws before eating. Females are more compatible in their relations with each other. Females have selective male characteristics in mating. It gives birth to 4 kittens in one abdomen. It dominates the living quarters, does not allow other cats to enter their living quarters.

Van Cat is a Registered Trademark of Van

  To preserve the genetic, morphological, and physiological features of the Van Cat, the Van Cat Research Center (VKAM) was established by Van 100.Yil University in 1992. In addition to the raised cats, the center also monitors cats fed by families other than Van. Also, the Van Cat House project in Ankara Orman Çiftliği was launched to increase the population. Those who want to have a van cat can contact the Van Cat Research Center. Van Cat is a registered trademark of Van. It was officially registered on 22.04.2006 that the Van Cat is a value of Van.

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