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  • Between Children – 8/10
  • Intelligence – 7/10
  • Mobility – 7/10
  • Maintenance Need – 6/10
  • Acting – 8/10
  • Trainability – 7/10

If you think cats are ungrateful, you haven’t met the Tonkinese cat yet.


Tonkinese breed, which is the result of the mating of Siamese and Burmese cats, is a Southwest Asian cat. While trying to produce a smaller sized cat here, this breed, which emerged by chance, managed to attract attention in a short time thanks to its structure and characteristic features.

Dr. The first Tonkinese cat, brought from Asia to Europe by Joseph Thompson, was named by a different name at that time because its genetic characteristics were not fully recognized. This breed, known as “ Chocolate Siamese ” in the 1880s, lost its dark colors as a result of natural mutation after it started to be produced in England.

The Tonkinese breed was first recognized by international organizations in 1967. However, after 20 years of controversial recognition, Tonkinese cats, which are recognized by all organizations, are now widely fed all over the world.

Weight – Dimensions

This breed, which has an unexpectedly heavy body, can reach 4 kilograms to 10 kilograms or even more.


Tonkinese cats live on average between 10 and 16 years.


The Tonkinese race is very active and mobile. This race, which has the potential to turn everything into play, enjoys being constantly on the move and interacting with people.

Tonkinese cats, who love the attention very much, will do everything necessary for the owners to take care of him. This race, which constantly follows its owner whenever he wants attention and love, even wants to walk around the house on his shoulder, can establish a very serious connection with people.

This social structure of Tonkinese cats made them unable to live alone. If you have to leave it alone at home or if you are not at home during the day, it is useful to have a cat or dog to accompany your Tonkinese cat.

Tonkinese cats are very talkative. You’d better get used to meowing when he sees you and making interesting sounds when he wants attention.

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