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  Jumbo budgie parakeet species that are among the most appropriated in Turkey. Although its name is called jumbo in our country, it is known as show budgerigar in other countries. The most striking feature that distinguishes Jumbo budgerigars from other species is that their head parts...

Hoopoe Bird; Also called sergeant bird. The length of the hoopoe bird is 28 cm. and its beak is in the form of a longbow and its feathers are a mixture of orange.

Atmaca is the common name given to the bird species belonging to the sub-family of the Falconiformes, which is a member of the Kartalgiller family. Some bird species of this breed are.

Seagull is known as sea birds that everyone knows. It is a member of the Seagull family and has a sea that can live in all the lands of the world. They are not found in deserts and poles. It is about 35 cm tall, with pointed and long...

Flamingo is the common name of the 6 bird species of the Flamingos group that make up the genus from the Flamingogiller family (phoenicopterus). It consists of one genus and its subspecies. Another.

Nightingale is a bird species that we know with its beautiful singing, which is a member of the flycatcher family. Hezar is also known as the other bird and Vanderlip. It is a.

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