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  The number of those who feed parrots in our country is increasing day by day. One of the most fed of these parrot species is the Jako parrot. Jako parrots are animals that are both smart and pleasant to feed at home. In this article, we wanted...

  Albino budgerigars, just like other budgerigars, are one of the species that have good communication with people and enjoy having the same environment with people. As its name suggests, its.

  Rainbow budgerigar is one of the most colorful of the budgerigar species. This bird species, which is very popular today, are also attracted by the producers and it is a.

  Canary is a general term used for different breeds of Serinus Canaria. Since canaries are mostly fed with cereals, the canary feed also contains abundant grains. Appearance of Canaries   The canaries are small, long-bodied; they have bright and colorful feathers. His eyes are small and round. The...

The Variegated Crow is the common name for the bird species that make up the Corvus genus from the family of crows, large-beaked, flat-billed, clawed, and feathers of which are.

The golden finch is a species of bird whose homeland is Australia. The birds, also known as rainbow finches, are working on this subject in the country, as their generations are compromised.

Hummingbird is a member of the Kolibri family and is among the small bird species, it is a bird species that can hang in the air and beat wings very quickly. Thanks to its feature, the hummingbird can fly backward unlike other birds. The hummingbird, which can absorb...

Stork is a large, long-legged, seasonal migratory, mostly white, but part of its wing and tail is a blackbird. Storks are on average 1 meter tall and 3 - 3.5.

Ostrich is a flightless bird. He survived as the only member of the Struthio genre. They are the fastest running species with the largest eggs among birds. The weight of.

The cockatiel is a homegrown cockatoo with yellow, white, and gray colors that belong to the cockatoo family. They are distinguished by orange hairs on the cheeks in the ear area. These are usually female when pale, and male when dark. However, there are different methods for determining...
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