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Tabby Cat


Tabby Cat Features

  We can say that the tabby cat is one of the most common cats among the cat breeds. Although these cats are fed at home, most of the cats are tabby cats in the streets. Tabby cat has hybrid features. It is not a pure breed. In terms of features, it is in many ways the same as other cats. This species, which does not consist of only one breed, consists of many different cat species. So much so that it is quite difficult to say exactly which breeds of cats are caused by mating.

Tabby Cat Skin

  The tabby cat has many subspecies among itself. The physical properties of these species also change within themselves. Tabby cats can have short or long hair, and their color varies according to their type. In fact, these subspecies are named according to their colors. Generally speaking, there are tabby cat species named according to nearly 50 colors such as Blue Tabby Cat, Brown Tabby, Brown Patched Tabby, Chestnut Color Tabby Cat. The body structure of tabby cats is of medium size. Their average weight varies between 2 and 8 kg.

Tabby Cat Character

  Tabby cats, like other cats, sleep at least 16 hours a day. The rest of the time they love to play with cat toys. Even if you never stop playing, they won’t. We do not recommend tabby cats if the cat is not interested in the cat when it is desired to own it. Taming when you are a puppy makes it easier for you to get an education. Tabby cats are a type that can adapt to the house quite easily. Often they do not like being alone at home. Tabby cats have a more active and energetic character than other cats.  

Tabby Cat Care

  Since tabby cats have long and short-haired hairs, short-haired tabby cats may not require care like over combing. It will be sufficient to comb with a cat comb once a week. More hair care may be required for long hairs. In other words, you will need to do hair care twice a week regularly. Tabby cats have a more durable structure than other cats due to their crossbred effect. The incidence of disease from outside or other cats is lower than others. But this does not mean that Tabby cats never get sick. You should also check the ear and eye area twice a week in Tekir. It should be cleaned with the help of a slightly wet, damp cloth. You can also use wet wipes that are produced for pets. Also, care should be taken to clean the sand container regularly.

Feeding Tabby Cats

  We recommend that you feed tabby cats, like other cats, with dry cat food. The most important thing to note here is your cat’s age. If your cat is under 1 year old, it is called a kitten and you need to feed it with kittens food. Between 1 and 7 years old it is called an adult cat and should be fed with adult cat food. Although it is more than 7 years old, it should be fed with old cat food. Such categories are divided according to the needs of cats. It is made by considering many factors such as mouth and jaw structures, minerals and vitamins they need, and other nutritional values. Also, although your cat has undergone some operations such as neutering, you should use it from foods that have more specific ingredients such as sterile cat food. 

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