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The swallow is one of the birds that can live all over the world except for very cold weather. They are around 10-23 cm in length and have wide and pointed wings, quite forked tails and songbirds. Some of the migratory bird species are swallows. They make their nests from mud and have about 100 species. The best-known swallow species are; rock swallow, semi-swallow, tree-swallow, pot-swallow, and swallow-swallow.

Of the swallow species, only 79 varieties out of 100 are known and the rest are unknown. Swallows are generally among the bird species that feed on the fly. Most of them have white bellies, tail, head, and wings are quite black, neck and forehead are brown and shiny hair.

The nails of the swallows and their short feet are quite long, and this feature allows them to easily hold onto flat and flat floors. The timid structures of the swallows are heavily affected by thunder. When the sky is officially thunder, they can pass through fear.

They cannot eat meat and herbs. Their beak is wide and slits, giving swallows the ability to eat only flying insects (such as flies, mosquitoes, ladybugs). They fly quite fast. While many swallow species are worn in lots, others prefer to be worn one by one. Due to the plus points that their tails add to them, they can use them as rudders and dive suddenly.

Swallows amaze people with their superior intelligence and the techniques they use to build their homes. These birds, who are masters of making nests, use all the tips they know to consolidate their nests with the intelligence they use. Most of the time they choose the materials they will use in an architect’s size, often an engineer, they choose carefully and carefully. By compressing the materials they choose, making them suitable for stretching, they protect their nests just like shelter and they work very importantly.

Swallows nesting underground;

Some types of swallows do not want to build their tiny houses in buildings or high areas. Instead, they find it appropriate to do it underground. These smart birds, which hide their nests underground, apply many techniques to make the tunnels inclined upwards so that water does not enter when it rains and they do not flood their nests. While swallows nest on the ground, they often use the immediate surroundings of steep sands, along the river and beach.

The low flying of the swallows means that the weather will deteriorate. They prefer to migrate to Africa in cold weather. Alone, they do not always think about spending their life there, and they come back in the spring. During migration, many swallows have to end their lives with death due to bad weather.

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