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Sphynx Cat



Accidentally produced Sphynx cats were born as a result of a genetic mutation. This race, which emerged in Canada, attracted a lot of attention due to its lack of fur, and necessary studies were initiated to reproduce it in a controlled manner. Sphynx cats, which were understood shortly after being born as an original breed, started to increase in number since 1970.

Called Sphynx by international organizations, this breed is also known as “Canadian Hairless Cats.” In Egypt, Sphynx cats, which are compared to the Sphinxes in front of the pyramids, get their name from here. Sphynx cats, which are now recognized by all cat organizations, also have a protected and recorded gene map.

Weight – Dimensions

Sphynx cats can have weights ranging from 2.5 to 5.5 kilograms. Accepted in the medium-sized cat class, this breed does not grow much.

Life Time

The life span of Sphynx cats is slightly shorter than other breeds. It is known that they lived on average between 8-14 years.


Sphynx cats love attracting attention. They will never say no to the attention that will come from their owners, even though they are sufficiently interested because they are hairless. If they want to be caressed and attracted, Sphynx cats who can do anything to get this attention can meow to attract attention.

The Sphynx race has a special pleasure in exploring the surroundings. These cats, which will want to enter and leave all the rooms in your home, can even go through very small holes. Since it does not have hairs, it is very useful to protect the places you want your cat not to see.

Lasers are the favorite toy of this race, which enjoys running. It is possible to entertain Sphynx cats for hours with a simple laser as it wants to stay in motion while playing games.

This race, which has a social structure, does not like to be alone. For this reason, it is often recommended to feed with another Sphynx cat or a dog.


Although the Sphynx cat doesn’t have a feather, it still needs care. It is recommended to clean the fat accumulated on the skin with a weekly bath. Although the oils do not cause any disadvantage for your cat, they can leave stains on your seats.

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