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Sparrow is a beaked bird species from the Birds group, which is a member of the class of birds and sparrows. The golden sparrow is a huge species that devastated plantations planted in Africa. The domestic sparrows living in the environment, the back and wings are brownish, and the abdomen is gray. There are about thirty species of sparrows. They are small and haunches, small legs with thick beak and feathered bird species similar to black. They live in small flocks in both large and small areas, fields, and gardens of the common sparrow, which is the most known and constantly seen species. While they were seen in Eurasia before, they have spread all over the world in time.

In chirping, their voices are heard during the day. Sometimes their tails open up like a fan and they fight. It is seen that they take a bath in the sand in the summer months. Since the sparrows are always dusty with their wings, they are thought to be pale-colored. However, the male sparrow usually takes on a more vivid color during the breeding season. He lays down a wide and unpretentious nest made of sparrow bush from the bush with wool, wool, and bristles. It covers the nest with walls, found in vines, in woods, and shrubs with pipes. The common sparrow can also live in the nests of other birds.

Sparrow and Hz. Süleyman as Speaking a Topic;

When the conversation started, Hz. Speaking of Solomon’s magnificent reign, Serçe Hz. He said to Solomon; “I’ll take down your reign if I want, I will wash it!” Hz. Süleyman laughs; “How are you going to do this?” Serçe asked, “It is very easy. It goes into a foundation land and I find myself thoroughly in the land of the foundation land. Then the income is put on your private property and I shake myself.” When he said this, Hz. Süleyman ace suddenly becomes serious. And; “You’re right, if you do this, you will cause my reign to be down,” he surrendered to the discussion.

Characteristics of Sparrow Birds; Sparrow birds are approximately 10-15 cm tall from the small bird’s group. As can be seen from the characteristics of other birds, they make their eggs spotted. Incubation periods take less time than poultry. They usually remain in incubation for 1.5 weeks. Buddha means they are in incubation for 10 days.

What do Do Sparrow Birds eat? Although this bird species tend to feed a wide variety of nature from cereals, insects, and worms to seed, it has also improved its ability to feed on various foods produced by mankind due to the living conditions changed by the human factor. Since grain grains and buds make up a significant portion of their food sources, they are considered to be among the harmful birds for the fields not only in North America but also in Australia and New Zealand, which they later took.

How Long Do Sparrow Birds Live? Sparrow birds live between 20-25 years unless there is an environmental factor.

Migration of Sparrow Birds; The privilege of these birds is that they do not migrate. They live in settlements and colonies.

Hunting of Sparrow Birds; Predatory birds and cats form the enemies of sparrows. Sometimes children are seen in rural areas just throw slings to hunt sparrows. They catch a lot of sparrows by making a trap in the winter. The sparrows are usually placed on the bottom of wheat grains with tools similar to the nets and webs prepared for the winters, and they are left open to the side of the sparrow and the web is pulled and hunted as soon as the sparrows enter.

Distribution of Sparrow Birds; The Sparrow was first taken to North America in the middle of the nineteenth century, and spread over the entire continent in less than a century. Although its homeland is Eurasia and North Africa, it has been taken to almost every part of the world except South America. They travel in large groups in Europe, Asia, and generally Africa.

Other Species of Sparrow Birds; Common snow sparrow, common sparrow, snow sparrow, Italian sparrow (hybrid), forest sparrow, yellow-throated sparrow, willow sparrow, shrub sparrow, and desert sparrow.

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