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Siamese Cat


  One of the most popular cat breeds with its different looks is undoubtedly the Siamese cat breed. These beloved and graceful cats have a calm and curious character. Let’s get to know Siamese cats together.

The Origin of Siamese Cats

  The Siamese cat breed actually has two variants. The first of these is the traditionally called Siamese cat. The other is called the Thai Siamese cat. The origin of this breed is based on the Ancient Siamese, that is, Thailand, where they can be fed only by the king and his family. At that time, the white color was considered sacred, and the whiteness of Siamese cats was thought to add purity and innocence to cats.

The character of Siamese Cat

  According to the legend, Siamese cats were born when a lion and a monkey fell in love. Of course, this is impossible, but the story is still a good example of telling the character characteristics of Siamese cats. In other words, Siamese cats are brave like lions and agile like monkeys.

  Siamese cats, like almost all cats, act on their own. No matter how much they attach to their owners, they will not be obedient. They can try to explain it to you by meowing if they love something.

  The Siamese cat breed is very affectionate. He can often show you his love. They are quite fond of their owners. These social cats are also curious. All cats are curious but you will find that Siamese cats are more curious than most cats. They constantly look around and examine new objects.

  The physical structures of Siamese cats are very strong. They also show agile movements with their developed muscles. The hyperactivity and energy levels of Siamese cats are similar to other Asian breed cats. Thanks to their moving structures, they can jump and jump over things for hours. There are player structures.

  This race, which is as sensitive as their sweetness, can often purr. They choose to own only one person in their home. You can find who he chose by observing who he is trying to get the most attention or who is lying on his lap the most.

Before Owning a Siamese Cat

  If you want to own a Siamese cat, do not separate it from its mother before 3 months of age. If you leave your mother when she is younger, she may not have enough time to socialize. He may also have trouble adapting to his new home.

  Male Siamese cats become larger and more mobile than females. Siamese cat is a very fertile breed and its meow may be unbearable during mating periods.

About Siamese Cat

  Siamese cats actually do not have an average weight, which can vary depending on their eating habits. Their weight can reach up to 15 kg. Their lifespan is between 11 and 15 years.

  The Siamese cat is easy to care for. Siamese cats are among the less shed cats. It is enough to comb the hairs with a cat comb once a week. Their ability to connect with people has improved. They are even known as talking cats. They get on well with children.

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