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Scottish Fold – Curly Eared Cat


  The most unique feature of ScottishFold cats from other cats is their curved ears that lie flat in front of the head and down. Many cat lovers and cat referees refer to their cute appearance as a cute “owl” or “teddy bear”. Known for its curved ears, this breed is among the top ten cats popular in America. In our country, it is the most popular breed preferred in the first place.

Features of Scottish Fold Cat Breeds

  They are medium-sized cats with a round head, short and plump body. The development and growth of the fold cat take up to 3-4 years.

  They have large, round, wide-spaced eyes that look like cute-looking owls.

  Her legs are rather short to her body, but strong, the paws are round.

  They have tight dense plush fur. Eye colors are shaped according to the fur. It is accepted in every fur color. There are standards. For example, in a fold cat with a blue-gray coat, eye colors are not accepted, except for yellow and orange eye color.

  Fur can be seen in all colors and patterns. Today, the most popular colors for our country are blue, colorpoint and white, but they are the most popular current color variations in golden, silver, cinnamon, fawn colors.

  The tail is the most noticeable limb in Fold cats. The most decisive feature for cats in all shows is the tail. Infold cats, the tail is medium long and long. When the tail is curled back-to-back, the length to the middle of the trunk is considered to be half long.

  There are two types of Scottish folds.

1. Folded Ear (Scottish Fold)

2. Straight (Scottish Straight) 

  In Scottish Fold cats, all puppies are born with flat ears. Starting from about 3 to 4 weeks, his ears are folded (Scottish Fold) or upright (Scottish Straight).

  Warm environments and weather are the factors in fold cats’ ears. In cold climates, the ears of fold cats are more evenly closed. In hot climates, it tends to steep. For this reason, keeping your fold cats in room-temperature environments will prevent your ears from lifting in the summer months. Do not worry. Fold cats’ ears will be raised after the cold winter months.

Scottish Fold – Character of Curly-Eared Cats

  Smart, calm, and soft voice, this race can easily adapt to new people and new environments. Loyal and attached to his home. He loves all members of the family, but he chooses the owner he loves. He likes to be with his owner but is never a lap cat. He loves to play games and attract attention to his owner. They especially enjoy playing with a cat toy thrown in front of it.

  They are a quiet kind of cat. They get on well with other pets and people. They like comfortable environments, but they are good mouse hunters when needed. They can live both at home and in the garden, but they don’t like to be alone. They are human-oriented social cats. They are suitable for plural living and living with other animals at home.

  Fold cats with the cutest appearance in the world are a true housemate. They are extremely compatible with children. You can be sure that your children will respond to the game requests with great pleasure.

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