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Saint Bernard


  Saint Bernard is extremely strong and has a large dog. It is very heavy in weight and generally proportional to its size. There are 2 types of feathers in this dog breed. One may have short hair while the other may belong. Common feature colors in both feathers. Generally, the plumage is common and there may be red or tiger color discolorations in their skin colors. The parts of the face and ears are in black color. The long feathers are longer than the other. The feathers are very strong to make them press in the ice. It is very successful in smell.

Distinctive Features of the Saint Bernard Dog Breed

  The first striking feature of the Saint Bernard dog breed is that they are kind and love to be friends, often a good attitude towards children. It is a successful race to obey in patience, which does not like to act fast. Since it is very large, it should be socialized from a young age. Education should also start at a young age. A repressive structure should not be applied and should always be approached with a good smile. Because if a dog of this size is not trained, he becomes aggressive. It is a very good watchdog and people are afraid because of its size. The worst feature of this dog is the saliva problem.

  Saint Bernard features are generally the same in all breeds. If adequate mobility is provided, they can be suitable for feeding in the apartment. They do not move much in the home. It can delight them in a small garden. He wants to be outside, but the most important thing is to be with your family, so he can choose the house. It creates problems against hot climates.

  You may have met his need by taking long walks. For the offspring, too much exercise should not be applied and bones should be expected to develop well. For this, it can be expected up to an average of 2 years old. A short walk can be enough with small games. While Saint Bernards are puppies, the dog has 2 kinds of feathers, but both are extremely easy to care for. It can be enough to comb regularly with the help of a brush. Sometimes dry shampoo can be used. They can shed constantly.

Dimensions of Saint Bernard Dog Breed

– Male size 69 cm- Female size 63 cm- Male weight 50 – 81 Kg- Female weight 50 – 81 Kg

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