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  One of the oldest known breeds is  Rottweiler. Its history goes back to the Ancient Romans. Intelligent, agile, characterful, courageous, and durable made  Rottweiler a true companion. Although his predisposition to training is appreciated, it causes him to be a dog that is difficult to control with incorrect training. Despite its bad reputation, we can actually call it a family dog. Although the Rottweiler news in the media actually contains only negative cases, there is also positive  Rottweiler news.

  Rottweiler breeds are large, muscular, and durable dogs. Males weigh approximately 40-60 Kg, females weigh 30-45 Kg. The dog breed rottweiler, which has a two-layered, shiny hair structure, tough and skeptical looks, looks imposing. It has a characteristic appearance with its medium-sized heads, curved noses, large nostrils, and strong jaws. In addition to black shiny feathers, there are brown areas on cheeks, feet, chest, and eye.

  Although the Rottweiler has a bad reputation, it is actually a complete task dog. This human-oriented race has come to the forefront with its obedience to the person it fully owns. The Rottweiler is actually an actress, a lively, sometimes spoiled breed. There are sometimes exaggerations in their behavior towards instinctively protecting with protective duties imposed on them throughout history. Foreigners in particular are a threat to him, and anyone who approaches family members is a stranger to him. Regardless of the conditions in the field protection, if there is no family member to give him a stop command, he performs the field protection duty to his death.  

  Rottweiler is high-energy dogs and has daily exercise needs. Long walks, moving games are indispensable for him. For this reason, it is not very suitable for apartment life. It should be looked after in large areas with gardens. Feather care does not require much. Its shiny feathers are almost dazzling with daily combing. Education is very easy; It is essential to teach obedience training, especially during the development period. Since they are very smart and fond of their owners, they make both themselves and their owners happy as they receive an education. 

  The rottweiler breed is not suitable for novice dog owners. Protection motives in them cause an insurmountable situation with wrong orientation and wrong education. A hardened and unspoken  Rottweiler is always a problem. 


  It is prone to some diseases. The most common diseases are osteosarcoma,  hip-elbow dislocation,  subaortic stenosis,  gastric torsion. For this reason, it should be kept under control from a young age. It is prone to bloody diarrhea and youth diseases during childhood, deaths from parasitic infestations. With the right choice of dog food,  feeding the Rottweiler is quite easy.

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