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Raven, also known as Bağı Raven, Karakarga, or Kelağ, is a species of bird known for its Corvus genus, intelligence, size, and pitch black.
Wingspan can reach 1.5 meters. Its large and long beak, its lozenge-shaped tail makes it distinctive when flying. All the feathers on her body are black and the subcutaneous hairs are erect. They are settled and traveling birds. Their height is an average of 64 cm. They lay 3 to 6 eggs. The incubation period is 12 days, the flying time of the baby birds is 16 days. Their beaks are thick, very strong, and black. Their crows are “work” when flying, and “Arab, klong” for warning. While flying, their tails stand in a wedge shape. They make their nests, which they make with simple, brush-beating, on trees or rocks. They form the herd and choose to coexist. They can attack bird species that are stronger than them.
Numerous stories about the intelligence of ravens can be heard; because they are considered to be the smartest birds among the crows. In addition to their acting and acrobatic abilities, this also contributes to the ability to find solutions to various problems. The fact that they use the materials in nature while solving their problems is proof of how advanced their intelligence is. The ravens are also known as thieves. This is because they carry especially bright, white, and blue colored objects to their nests to impress their females.
Insects, worms, mussels, fish, herbal substances, and seeds consume food. They are common in Palearctic. They are resident birds that can be found anywhere in Turkey. They are sheltered in the shrubbery, mostly in forests, mountainous areas, and places where animals are raised. In shamanism, the traditional belief of Hayda and Tlingit Indians and Yupik and Inupiat Eskimos in the state of Alaska in the USA, people were created by a raven.
According to the legend, after Noah’s Ark sat on Mount Ararat, the Prophet Noah first sent a raven, the bird flew in circles and did not come back. Noah sent a pigeon this time, and he returned to the ship because he could not find any place to perch. Another pigeon he sent seven days later came with an olive branch in his beak. The raven, whose color was white at first, was cursed because it did not return and its color turned black. According to an English rumor, the magpie is the hybrid of the first pigeon and raven sent by Noah, and therefore its feather Raven showed Adam and Eve how to hold their first burial ceremony. When Abel dies, they don’t know what to do. At that time, a raven kills one of its own kind, then digs a hole in the ground and buries the body, thereby imitating him in Adam and Eve, burying his sons.
In ancient Turkish, the word “Kuz” is used for dark, shady places. In most dark places that do not see the sun, we can see the lamb root. For example, the northern world is one of them. Likewise, the Black Sea, not because of the color is black, bears the name of the land to the north by Turkey. Raven also got this name because its feathers are black.

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