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Rainbow Budgerigar


  Rainbow budgerigar is one of the most colorful of the budgerigar species. This bird species, which is very popular today, are also attracted by the producers and it is a pleasure for them to raise a rainbow budgerigar. Rainbow lovebirds bear rainbow colors as the name suggests.

The origin of the rainbow budgerigars

  Rainbow budgerigar was first produced in England’s Keston bird farm and spread from almost to the whole world. The color and wing patterns made this mutation different and made them receive special attention.

General Features of Rainbow Budgerigar

  The most prominent feature of this bird species is that their faces are yellow. The wingtips are silk opal in gray or white tones. There is a yellowish color towards the end of the wingtips of Rainbow budgerigars. In other words, to understand that a budgerigar is a rainbow, the face must first be yellow and then the wingtips must be in gray silk. It is not fragmented. The body colors of Rainbow budgerigars can be in different colors. Sky blue, purple, lilac is the most common colors. Foot colors are generally dark. But it can be seen that they are light-colored. The genes of the rainbow budgerigar are recessive color gene transporters. In female rainbow budgies, the beak turns dark in the breeding period. In male rainbow budgies, the beak is a blue color.

Colors in Rainbow Budgerigars


The lovebirds in nature are available in one body, blue, yellow, and green. The head parts are yellow, the middle parts are green and the tail parts are blue. The combination of colors in the rainbow budgerigar is a phenotypic (external appearance) feature created by green, yellow, blue, white, or gray tones together. Rainbow budgies are valuable because it is difficult to collect such colors together. For all these colors to coexist, all colors of the bird must be dominant (dominant gene) or recessive (recessive gene).

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