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Ragdoll Cat

  • Between Children – 7/10
  • Intelligence – 8/10
  • Mobility – 6/10
  • Maintenance Need – 6/10
  • Acting – 6/10
  • Trainability – 8/10
  • Summary  – 6.8 / 10

Ragdoll cats have the ability to learn very interesting games and commands if they are properly trained.


Ragdoll cats were first produced in California in the 1960s by Ann Baker. Introduced all over the country through a foundation founded by Baker, the Ragdoll race managed to spread in a very short time thanks to its beautiful images and impressive fur.

Baker, who worked hard to protect the gene pool, actively took part in every stage of production until the Ragdoll breed had precise genetic characteristics, enabling him to get the image of this breed today.

Many experiments are said to have been done on Ragdoll cats, which have interesting speculations. Especially in these claims made by Ann Baker, the CIA mentions that human genes have been transferred to this cat breed and different experiments have been carried out. There is no conclusive evidence about them.

Ragdoll cats were first recognized in 1993. Its recognition by the whole world took 2000 years.

Weight – Dimensions

Ragdoll cats, whose males can reach 10 kilograms, have females weighing between 4.5 and 7 kilograms.


This breed can live between 12 and 17 years.


Ragdoll cats, which have an interesting character compared to other breeds, are very fond of releasing themselves completely when embraced. You may need to treat the Ragdoll breed, which also does the same gesture on your lap, as a baby.

You can be sure that Ragdoll, who loves his owners, will meet you at the door when you come home. Ragdoll cats, which can adapt very easily to certain sounds and situations, can also easily learn your arrival and departure times.

Ragdoll cats, who always prefer to spend time with their owners while playing games, can learn all kinds of games if properly trained. Thanks to his dog-like character and intelligence, you can teach him to bring back the toys you throw.


Ragdoll cats have a long and frequent coat. Needing to be combed twice a week, Ragdoll does not shed too much. If it is scanned regularly, you can feed it very comfortably in the home.

Relationship with Children and Other Animals

Ragdoll cats are a very suitable breed to live with families with children. Rarely removing her nails while playing games makes these cats a perfectly suitable breed for young children.

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