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  • Between Children – 7/10
  • Intelligence – 7/10
  • Mobility – 5/10
  • Maintenance Need – 6/10
  • Acting – 5/10
  • Trainability – 6/10

Ragamuffin cats, which have a baby-like character, enjoy carrying on the lap and sleeping.


Ragamuffin cats, which are the result of efforts to increase the variety of colors and fur on a different breed called Ragdoll, carry the genes of PersianHimalayan, and local long-haired cats. This breed, which has features from many different cat breeds, has a special gene pool as it is reproduced in a controlled and joint effort of many manufacturers.

The ragamuffin race, which was explored by many international organizations, started to be accepted worldwide for the first time in February 2011. Currently, this breed is recognized by every cat organization.

Weight – Dimensions

Ragamuffin cats, whose average weight is between 4.5 and 7 kilograms, can have weights reaching 10 kilograms in males.


The Ragamuffin race has an average life span of 12 to 16 years.


Ragamuffin cats, which have a possessive character, are the activity that people like to do inside the house. This breed, which will follow you at every step, develops a huge commitment to its owners.

A combination of intelligence and loveliness, Ragamuffin cats will want to be on your lap whenever possible. These cats, which are likened to dogs by most people, will prefer to sit with you rather than play alone.

Ragamuffin cat has a calm structure. She enjoys being held on the lap like a baby and lying on her back and relaxing in your arms. You should be careful to keep away from your furniture as they scratch very often during playtime.

He does not like to be alone because he is a cat hungry for attention. It is definitely not recommended to leave Ragamuffin cats alone for more than a few hours at home.


There are some interesting details in the feathers of the Ragamuffin breed. The feathers, which are completely white when they are born, change color towards adulthood. It is enough to comb the Ragamuffin cats, which have soft and silky hairs, once a week. Since there are long hairs on the neck, it is useful to combine that area more carefully.

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