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Pug Dog


   Dogs of the Pug breed are remarkable creatures with their small size and cute face. They get along very well with children. Despite their tendency to bite, they are dogs especially loving towards their owners. Pug dogs are not very mobile in the house and can also live in garden-free houses, so pugs are also suitable for feeding in the apartment.

Other Names of Pug Breed Dogs and Colors of Pug Dogs

  They are also known as Pug dogs, Mops dogs, and Carlin dogs. Generally, pug dogs are in brown and silver colors that play on apricot. The pug dogs’ feet and feet are black.

Features of Pug Dogs

  Dogs of the Pug breed are quite delicate animals. They are suitable dogs to take care of at home. They cannot withstand extreme heat and extreme cold. Pug breed dogs are straight legs, short and strong dogs. They look like they are old because of their faces. They shed seasonally and are quite fond of their sleep. Pug dogs also love eating dog food incredibly. Regular exercises are needed to maintain their health.

  Pug dogs are extremely happy, somewhat stubborn dogs who love to misbehave. They get bored very quickly than being trained, whereas they are very clever. Pug dogs are very sensitive to the sounds of their owners. There is no need to punish. They understand you. They don’t bark unnecessarily, they get along very well with other animals and children. Sometimes they can be jealous of the guests who come home and sometimes they can get along with them very well.

Is Pug Race Dog Care Difficult?

  Pug breed dog care is one of the most curious issues that people who want to feed this breed of dog. Pug breed dogs are among the highest-ranked dog breeds that can be fed. The pug dogs have short feathers due to their characteristics. This allows them to stay clean all day long with an easy scan with the dog comb brush. Pug dogs do not bark excessively. You can use your dog clothes, dog beds, and dog cushions for a long time, as they will not grow much in size even though they take ages. All this is Turkey’s number 1 online pet shop in my petburada.co from reach. All you have to do is click on the dark places!

Toilet Training for Pug Breed Dogs

  Although pug breed dog care makes it easier for its feathers, it is a bit troublesome to give them a toilet habit. However, after getting used to it, there is no problem. You can benefit from dog training products while training them.

Physical Properties of Pug Dogs

– Height of Male Pug Dogs is 30 – 36 cm,

– Female Pug Dogs Height 25 – 30 cm,

– Weight in Male Pug Dogs 6 – 9 kg,

The weight of Female Pug Dogs is 6 – 8 kg.

  The care of the Pug breed dog is due to its small size. For example, pug dogs do not swim well because their forearms are short. If you have a plan to go on holiday with your cute dog, you should definitely buy a dog life jacket.

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