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  When talking about dog breeds, one of the first breeds to come to mind is poodle dogs. Poodles are among the most known and common dog breeds in the world. In addition to their cute looks, they are also at the top of the list of the smartest dogs. It is of course not possible to deny that proud, graceful, intelligent, and cute poodles are impressive dogs. Generally speaking, it would not be wrong to say that the poodles have many pluses and minuses.

The origin of poodle dogs

  It is not known exactly if the origin of the Poodle race in Germany or France. The common belief is that the race was of German origin but became popular in France.

Physical Properties of Poodle Dogs

  The poodle dog breed has three different sizes, these are a standard poodle, small poodle, and a smaller poodle. According to the American Kennel Club, which recognized the race in 1887, the standard poodle was the oldest poodle size, and smaller and smaller poodles appeared later.

  The weight of standard poodles is between 20 and 32 kg for male poodles and between 20 and 27 kg for poodle dogs. It varies between 38 and 62 inches by the height of standard poodles.

  Small poodles weigh between 6.8 and 7.71 kg. It is 30 cm in height with its height.

  Smaller poodles weigh between 2.72 and 4.8 kg. Their height is 25 to 26 cm on average.

  Curly feathers are the most noteworthy of the poodle’s physical properties. Curly fur that can be considered hard can be black, apricot color, white, cream, gray, sable, blue, silver, black-white, brown, and red. Poodle eyes are also typically dark. The oval-shaped eyes may be amber in apricot-colored poodles and dark amber in brown poodles, but these are exceptions. Poodle dogs’ eyes are usually only dark.

What is the Life of Poodle Dogs?

  Another name for poodle dogs is the word poodle. In other words, if you see somewhere writing miniature poodle or toy poodle, the mean poodle is nothing but dogs. One of the most important advantages of poodle dogs is their longevity. The average lifespan of poodles of all three sizes is 15 years. But it is also known that poodles can live longer with good care. There is even a toy poodle dog named Seamus in the list of the longest living dogs in the world, living 20 years and 258 days.

Clever Dog Poodles

  Another factor that makes poodle special is their intelligence, which is legendary. There are even those who call the Einstein of the dog kingdom for these dogs, and they are not unfair. Border collie dogs are the most intelligent dog among the lists made by many organizations, while poodles are in second place. In addition to intelligence, the position of the poodles is very valuable in this order, which is determined by adding various criteria such as compatibility, easy trainability.

General Features of Poodle Dogs

  Poodle dogs are dogs that were created to make people happy. These dogs, happy and friendly, eager to mix with people and other species, are also known for their humor. Poodles love to attract attention. Even if we are going to list items item by item

– Poodle dogs can adapt very easily.

– They are incredibly loving.

– Dogs suitable for feeding in the apartment.

– Poodles may tend to bark.

– They can also deal with cats.

– Poodle dog breed loves children very much.

– They love playing games.

– They usually get on well with foreigners.

– They don’t like being alone.

Poodle Dog Care

  The most important factor in poodle dogs is hair care. Curly hairs can easily mix and knot even. For this reason, it is necessary to comb regularly with a dog brush. Also, their hair can be taken too far away to the veterinarian or pet hairdresser and their hair can be shortened.

  It is also necessary to cut the nails of poodles regularly. If his nails are not cut, he can grow excessively and turn inside.

  Poodle teeth problems can also be seen, so oral and dental care should be done regularly, and only dog ​​toothpaste and brush should be used when brushing their teeth. You can also ask the veterinarian to check the oral health you take regularly for an examination.

A Healthy Dog Breed Poodle

  Every dog ​​breed can be susceptible to various health problems, including poodle dogs. Still, the poodle dog breed is healthier than many other dog breeds. Dog health problems that can be seen in poodle dogs may also differ according to their size. Diseases in which poodles are susceptible are;

Cushing’s syndrome


Progressive retinal atropia

– Hip dislocation

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