Symptoms of Poisoning in Cats


When it comes to poisons or toxins, the substances that cause death within a few minutes come to mind as soon as they are ingested. This is not always true, because any substance that has many negative effects on the body can be defined as a toxin. Cats are not only poisoned by eating toxins, but they can also breathe toxins or they can be poisoned by absorption from the skin. Although poisoning in cats is not always fatal, it is a fact that thousands of cats die each year as a result of poisoning. Poisoning in cats gets severe or lighter weight whether it is a situation that should be taken seriously and pussy our friend, we need to vet immediately raising moment we thought the poisoning, we learn about the signs of poisoning in cats before this course.

Substances that cause poisoning in cats

Cat poisoning can be caused by thousands of substances, but the items we will list below are the most common causes of cat poisoning worldwide.

  • Human medicines (We underline the need to give Just the drug outside of each article, I recommend that veterinarians to cats, particularly some human medicines poison a very serious for cats. For example poisoning aspirin in cats with many encounters because unconscious people give aspirin, which is a deadly poison for them cat when cats get sick)
  • Veterinary drugs (Administration of drugs given by veterinarians at higher doses than the doctors indicate may also cause poisoning of cats)
  • Insecticides, fleas, and tick killers
  • vegetation
  • Mouse drugs
  • Household cleaning products such as bleach, detergent
  • Garden products
  • Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, zinc
  • Antifreeze
  • Human food, especially bad food residues

As we said, this list contains the most common factors that cause poisoning in cats. Of course, cats can be poisoned due to many different factors such as eating poisonous insects.

Symptoms of poisoning in cats

Changes in your cat’s state of health or even behavior may indicate exposure to a toxic substance, and the symptoms of poisoning in cats differ depending on the substance that causes poisoning. Symptoms of poisoning in cats in general are:

  • Dribble stream
  • Vomiting
  • Twitch
  • Diarrhea
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Swelling or inflammation of the skin
  • Shock state
  • Collapse
  • Depression
  • Arriving

How is an emergency response to the poisoned cat?

Many toxins begin to hurt shortly after the cat is exposed to the toxin, so if your cat has signs of poisoning, it is absolutely best to take it to the vet as soon as possible. Here’s what you can do before taking your cat friend to the vet:

  • Try to find out what your cat may have been poisoned with, this will be very helpful for the physician’s treatment.
  • If you know why your cat is poisoning, call the vet and report it to the physician so that the physician will be prepared for emergency response until you arrive at the veterinarian.
  • If poisoning has occurred through contact with the skin, remove the substance from the skin as much as possible with the help of protective gloves, but do not attempt to wash with water unless your veterinarian says otherwise.
  • Most people will vomit when they see a poisoned cat, but if poisoning is caused by an acidic substance, vomiting can seriously damage the cat’s esophagus, which should be in mind.

Treatment of poisoning in cats

When it comes to poisoning, it is still the first antidote to anyone’s mind, but not every toxic substance has an antidote, yes if your cat friend has been poisoned by a scorpion sting, it has an antidote, but if bleach poisoning is experienced, it has no antidote. In fact, to be honest, most toxic substances do not have an antidote. Therefore, poisoning treatment in cats is applied as a supportive treatment, except in situations requiring antidote and if the poisoning substance is also uncertain. This means treating the symptoms that occur in the cat due to poisoning. If poisoning caused diarrhea in the cat, treating diarrhea, vomiting if vomiting. As we finish our writing underline once again that poisoning in cats can sometimes lead to the death of our cat friends, and in a very short time, we say to go to the veterinarian without losing a minute.

poisoning in cats

poisoning in cats

poisoning in cats

poisoning in cats