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Phoenix is known as a bird species that has been extinct many years ago and the name has adorned fairy tales. Phoenix has been known by different names in different climates and cultures for centuries. Phoenix, which is also known as a phoenix in Latin, is known as Anka in Arabic. In the legends of many different cultures, it is accepted that this bird, which has come from the past to this day and is known as the “emerald Phoenix”, existed in the times before Christ and then extinct.

This bird variety, which is called Anka in Arab countries, was named as emerald Phoenix in Turkish mythology after many years. Anka bird, which has a history dating back to the Persian civilization, has been recognized as the Persian Simurgh bird. It is known that the name was mentioned in ancient times much earlier than the Persian civilization. It is known that his name was Tuğrul in many different ancient societies.

Because it has been known and remembered in many different and different cultures for thousands of years from the past to the present, it has made many historians and archaeologists accept that the Phoenix bird is not an imaginary bird living in legends. There are quite different rumors about the Phoenix, which are mentioned in legends that exist in different cultures and times. It is believed to exist and live in the Abyssinian land in ancient Greek culture. The most important information about the phoenix is ​​that its life span is very long and its size is larger than the eagle.

Although it is generally mentioned in different ways in different times and cultures, its known features are said to have a fire red color and its feathers, especially the neck area, are quite bright. The only common feature about the phoenix is that it comes to life again with the fire known from the past to the present. Owing to this feature, Phoenix, which has a great place in many beliefs and cultures, is the symbol of reincarnation and birth even after a hundred years.

As it is known from the legends that came from centuries ago to this day, Phoenix realizes that she will die when she reaches the end of her long life and prepares a home for herself. It combines the dry branches necessary for this special nest, constructs its nest and plasters the nest with a very special liquid, settles in the nest, and waits for this special nest to ignite with angry sunlight. The Phoenix bird, which was born by burning itself in the nest that burns with the effect of the sunshine, by burning itself in flames, after the burning of the nest, an egg is formed in the burnt ashes and thanks to this egg, the Phoenix comes to life and reborn as a small cub.

The Phoenix, which came to life again from its own ashes, was adopted and accepted as a symbol of resurrection in many different beliefs. There are Phoenix symbols that are widely used in artistic figures as well as tattoos today.

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