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Persian Cat


  Persian (Iran cat)  race, which is one of the first choices of people who want to have an unquestionable cat, is known for its intelligence as well as its fondness for family and friendship.

  The Persian cat  ( Persian ) has been the most popular cat breed for centuries, and has won the first place in many competitions and formalized the throne set up in the hearts thanks to its long and fluffy beautiful feathers.

  Even though it is difficult to care for, the Iranian cat is a loving cat breed that is smart and quick-learning. It can sit on the owner’s lap for hours without getting bored. Persian Cats (Persian) are very fond of people, but they are selective about the person they will give their dignity to. You have to win their love and trust. They are coy and seek attention, they crave for love. But they won’t bother you as some cats do. Besides, if you don’t pay enough attention, they will want their feelings to be known.

 Owning a Persian   Cat (Persian) takes a time that requires commitment. It needs daily grooming so that its beautiful fur looks and does not tangle. Because their long fur has a sheep-like state, and it should be taken into account that the Persian Cat (Persian) will only have to live in the house. Most Persian Cats (Persian) enthusiasts should pay attention to at least part of their feathers to curl. Stool accumulation should be avoided especially in the stern and anus area. If the cat will not be visible anytime soon, you should pay attention to this cleaning.

Where do the Iranian cats come from?

  Persian cats (Persian) have been enjoying their reign for a long time and have been apparently prominent since 1871 at the London Crystal Palace, the first modern cat show. Even the British and American Shorthairs, who had unwavering places as a result of the persistent breeding of the Iranian cat, lost their thrones in their home country. Persian cats  (Persian)It has been around for 125 years. longhair cats, including the modern Persian and angora species, were first seen in Europe in the mid-1500s, and according to historical documents, were introduced to the people in the current Iran and Turkey side in the Roman and Phoenician caravans. The researchers believe that the cat population of the long hair recessive gene, as well as the large mountains on the Persia sides, are randomly exposed there. The Persian cat is believed to have brought the Italian traveler Pietro Della Valle (1586-1652) to the European world in the 1600s. Angora and Persian cats are seen in the handwritings of Pietro. Persian introduces cats with long gray feathers, silky, shiny fur. He noted that they were located in Khorasan province in Persia and was brought to India by the Portuguese.

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