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Ostrich is a flightless bird. He survived as the only member of the Struthio genre. They are the fastest running species with the largest eggs among birds. The weight of the bird, which is 2-2.5 meters in length, is between 130-150 kg. There are six known species. The species that lived in the Syrian and Arabian deserts called the Arab ostrich are now among extinct creatures. The most well-known species is the Masai ostrich, which lives in Tanzania and Kenya. The female of the Emu ostrich, which is shorter than the others, is taller than the male. The crested ostrich is among the most dangerous species. The innermost toe of the species, which has three fingers on its feet, is in the form of a dagger. This species, which is dangerous with kicks, can jump 1.80 meters above the ground and swim very well in the water.

What are the general features of ostrich?

These birds roam with mammals such as zebra. They do this to protect themselves. Birds that see themselves very well are protected from enemies by taking advantage of the smell feature of mammals. Although they are known as herbivorous, in some cases, they feed on invertebrates. Birds breeding with eggs make between 15 and 60 eggs at the time of incubation. The eggs are 13 cm wide, 15 cm tall and weigh 1500-1800 grams. It is 24 times larger than chicken eggs. Incubation periods are 40-44 days. Born offspring can run like elders a month later. It is the only bird ostrich with two claws in the birds. The larger nail can carry the whole body weight. This feature allows it to run quickly by pressing a small area while running. Adults can run at 60 km for 20 minutes. The length of the steps during the run is 6-8 meters. They provide viewing at an angle of 360 degrees. They can even see a small detail 1.5 km away. Their average life span is between 60-70 years. They have become productive in their lives for 30 years. In the world, ostriches are hunted for their skin and meat. Also, feathers, beaks, and nails are evaluated.

What are the structural features of ostrich?

Their heads are smaller than their body. There is a hairless area on their heads and a bonnet next to it. It has upright and hard hairs on its head in a mixture of blue and red. The skull is spongy and sensitive. He may die with blows to the head. The brain of adults is 30-40 grams. Its eyes are 5 cm in diameter and cover one-third of the head. It is known as the most sensitive place of the bird, which has a flexible neck. The skin on the neck renews itself very quickly. The hairs in this area are hard and steep. These birds have no sternum. Bones are not filled with air like other birds. Their wings are very small. It is used only for balance, protecting the eggs, and used for courtship during the mating period. The bird has a very strong foot structure. Its feet start from the top of the heels 50-60 cm above the ground. It can only move forward. They cannot kick sideways and back. Its feet are covered with scales and its color is gray-brown. Foot weights are between 18-20 kg. With their legs, they can carry 200-250 kg of weight. Birds that hunt for meat have red, lean, and soft meat. It contains protein, magnesium, phosphate, and potassium. 30% of their bodies consist of meat. A one-year-old bird weighs 100 kg.

What is the reproduction of ostriches?

Females that are smaller than males are in gray-brown colors. They can breed in 2.5-3 years. The zygotes of the eggs made by females are formed before ovulation. The wings and tails of the men are white and the other parts are black. These reach puberty in 3 years. They become gruff at the time of breeding. They don’t bring anyone near them. They acquire more than one wife. They make their nests in dunes to safe areas. They choose the most remote places in order not to be disturbed. Spawning periods are between April and September. They lay between 2-3 days in a month and take a break for two weeks. They then continue to spawn. To benefit from these birds, farming is carried out on farms.

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