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Oriental Shorthair


  Oriental shorthair, which looks interesting and cute with big ears, may cause some people to be surprised at first glance. So where do the oriental shorthair cats originate in? What features are different from other cats? How is his personality? Let’s take a look at the answer to all these questions and more.

The Origin of Oriental Shorthair Cats

  The oriental shorthair cat is an ancestral cat of the ancestry. British cat breeders admired Siamese cats and imagined cats of different colors in this body structure. Later, Siamese cat, Russian Blue, Abyssinian, and British Shorthair created the Oriental shorthair using cat breeds. The Oriental Shorthair cat breed, which appeared in the 1960s, was introduced in 1972 by the Cat Fanciers Association. Irk’s oak has been recognized in the United States and Thailand. General Features of Oriental Shorthair The body structures of Oriental shorthair are similar to Siamese cats. We can say that this race, whose bodies and tails are long, looks quite elegant. The eyes of the Oriental shorthair are almond-shaped. But while the eyes of Siamese cats are blue, this breed is generally green. Their head structures are triangular and their ears are quite large. Despite their weak appearance, the bodies of the Oriental Shorthair are muscular and are heavy cats in their appearance. Their weight is on average between 4 and 6.5 kg. Sometimes, more than 6.5 kg are also seen.

Oriental Shorthair Cat Colors

  This cat breed can have any color and pattern. According to the Cat Fans Association, more than 300 color and pattern combinations can be seen in the breed. The fur of the Oriental shorthair cat breed can be red, ebony, cream, lavender, cinnamon, white, blue, or white. Sometimes the shaded pattern can also be seen. In short, all kinds of colors and patterns can be found in this race.

Oriental Shorthair Personality

  Oriental shorthair is similar to a Siamese cat not only in appearance but also in character. Like the Siamese cats, the oriental shorthair is also talkative. This race, which is very dependent on people, loves going to high places. They can easily adapt to people. However, it would be very difficult for them to lose one of their families and give them to own another family. So if you want to own an Oriental cat, we wouldn’t recommend giving it to someone else later. Because they cannot easily survive the trauma that occurs. Sometimes they never get over it. We do not find it right to leave any animal, not just oriental cats. Abandonment is painful for all living things.

  We can say that these cats, which are very affectionate to people, also get along well with other people. This cat breed, which can especially get along well with children, can also get along with other cats and dogs. These very energetic cats are very clever.

  Oriental shorthair is one of the allergy-free cat breeds. Of course, one hundred percent is not guaranteed, but it secretes fewer allergens from other cats. Also, Oriental shorthair sheds less than other cats. That is why Oriental shorthair does not have any or fewer allergies.

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