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  • Between Children – 8/10
  • Intelligence – 9/10
  • Mobility – 7/10
  • Maintenance Need – 5/10
  • Acting – 6/10
  • Trainability – 9/10

The Ocicat race is the favorite activity of cats.


Although it is thought to be wild due to its images, the Ocicat breed lies under the fur of cats a completely different character. Ocicat race, produced as a hybrid of Abyssinian, Siamese, and American Shorthair breeds, has a completely domestic and very docile character.

This breed, which was first produced in 1964, appeared by accident rather than a special study. Ocicat puppies, which attracted attention with their images, attracted the attention of many cat producers, allowing them to work on them. Ocicat race, which managed to attract the attention of international organizations with the increase of their numbers, succeeded to be recognized as a new race in 1987. Today it is recognized by all international organizations.

Weight – Dimensions

Ocicat cats can have weights ranging from 2.5 kilograms to 7 kilograms.


The average life expectancy of this breed is 10-15 years.


Ocicat cats, which have a bond with their owners in a very short time, will like to follow your every step inside the house. Considering that his favorite activity is to follow the owner, we can clearly understand how socially these cats are.

Ocicat cats are a breed that always prefers to be in contact with humans. These cats, who love to be in the lap of their bonded people, often sit on the owners’ shoulders because they love to be at the height.

Ocicatlar, a very smart breed, can learn all kinds of games and commands in a short time. Since they are active, you should make sure that you do not leave these cats without toys, who want interactive games where they can use their intelligence.

Ocicat breed cats do not like to be alone at home. That’s why Ocicat cats are not recommended for working people. If possible, instead of leaving the Ocicat cats alone, it is good to have a cat with which you can spend time together.


It is enough to scan Ocicat cats once a week. It does not need special care because of its short hair.

It is recommended that you do not take a bath if these cats are not needed.

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