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Nightingale is a bird species that we know with its beautiful singing, which is a member of the flycatcher family. Hezar is also known as the other bird and Vanderlip. It is a common species found in forests and gardens in the Mediterranean countries. It crows more at night. No sound resembles another in their singing. They sing by making a short tick sound.

What are the features of the nightingale?

It is a bird with a height of 16.5 cm and a weight of 21 grams. Although it looks like a redstart bird, the middle and legs of the tail are not as dark as they are. The coccyx and the hairs on the back are brown, and the hairs on the back are pale chickpeas. Throat parts have pale colors. Adult birds have a faintly colored breast. The eyebrow of the nightingale with large eyes on the brown head has a gray color. The strip on the eyebrows of its species in Central Asia is uncertain. The female and male are similar birds. Only wing lengths are slightly longer than males. Spots on the eye flanks of birds in the first winters are fainter than adults. In spring, speckles are wiped and acquire a flat color. They become like adults in September. They are similar to the juniper nightingale. They are among the migratory birds living in a wide area. It feeds on insects that damage plants and seedlings. Among the creatures, Pied Owl is known as enemies. There are different types of crowing between 180-260. During mating, males change their crows and females do not crow at night until they hatch. Older men mate more than younger ones. Since their crowing shows physical condition during the mating period, it is very important. Females choose spouses accordingly. Men who sing well are more likely to find spouses. A male bird mates with only one female during the mating period and stays with it. The middle of May is mating periods. The female bird makes the nest with the bushes it collects. Offspring reach puberty at the age of one year. Their average life span is 1-5 years.

What are the living spaces of the nightingale?

Birds who choose temperate places to live for themselves choose to live in the shrubbery, forests with young trees. It helps them to protect themselves from predatory birds. The characteristics of the habitats are determined as the following conditions for the Rhine region of Germany.

  • 200 meters above sea level
  • Areas with drought less than 0.35
  • In places with less than 750 mm of precipitation per year
  • In regions with an average air temperature of 25 degrees
  • In places where the air is above 14 degrees during growing periods
  • For stands without closed floors

These features are considered to be valid for other regions as well.

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