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Native American Dog



American Native Dogs , known to be used by Indians to protect herd , started to be recognized in the mid-1500s. Thanks to their strong structure and adaptable intelligence, American Domestic Dogs, which are used for almost every job, have been used by Indians in pulling sleds, protecting children, hunting and gathering, in short, in every field.

Along with the discovery of the American continent, American Native Dogs, which are also frequently used by explorers, were trained by explorers to discover the continent. This race, which can find trails and easily reach the water, has managed to be the center of attention in every period with its ability to trail.

These dogs, which have been taken under protection as a breed since the 1990s, are still used in all kinds of activities today.

Weight – Dimensions

Males of this breed can reach 21 kilograms and females 18 kilograms. Their height is around 54 cm.

Average Life Time

American Dogs, which are quite durable, can live between 14 and 19 years.


American domestic dogs are an incredibly smart breed. These dogs, which can be trained in all kinds of subjects, understand exactly what people say. This race, which is very loyal and protective against its family, may tend to be shy if it is not socialized with other people from an early age.

This breed, which has a great commitment to its owners, is also sensitive to other animals. It can take advantage of other dogs and even cats without harm.

Due to the tendency of the herd leader, you should definitely be superior to the American Domestic Dogs while living with the family. Thus, the relationship between you will be much healthier.


It is not recommended to feed American Domestic Dogs at home. It needs a large area where it can run around and move comfortably.

American Domestic Dogs, who think they are punished if they are kept in a cage or in an indoor environment, need intense exercise.

Between Children

American Domestic Dogs, which are accustomed to be with children throughout history, can be left with children without any problems. This race, which does not show aggression as long as it is not harmed, prefers to move away from them instead of harming children.

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