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  • Between Children – 9/10
  • Intelligence – 8/10
  • Mobility – 10/10
  • Maintenance Need – 5/10
  • Acting – 8/10
  • Trainability – 7/10

Munchkin cats, which impress with their fluffy furry tail, are a very good friend for children.


The Munchkin cats that appeared as a result of the natural mutation appeared in England for the first time. This breed, known since 1944, has appeared in cat beauty contests in England in those years. Outside the UK, it is possible to find traces of Munchkin cats in Russia in 1956 and the USA in the 1970s.

Beginning in 1994, Munchkin cats, which are recognized as a different breed by international authorities, began to be specially produced to maintain their genetic characteristics and reproduce without spoiling. With the participation of numerous cat producers, Munchkin managed to reach their current populations.

Although it has been fully recognized by international organizations since 2003, some very well-established organizations still do not regard Munchkin as a different breed.

Weight – Dimensions

Munchkin cats can have weights ranging from 3 to 7 kilograms.


Munchkinler, which is a very durable breed, can live up to 15 years. Health problems are very rare in this race.


Unlike its furry and fat look, Munchkin cats, which are quite athletic, have unstoppable energy. These cats, who always want to play and are constantly interested in something, prefer to sit in the owners’ knees when they are tired.

Thanks to its social structure, Munchkin cats, which are especially connected to the people who play with it, are an ideal option for families with children. Most of the time, this cat breed, which does not leave it alone until your child gets tired, will add color to the environment where it is fed.

Munchkin cats are extremely smart. It is possible to teach challenging games to Munchkin cats who enjoy using their intelligence.

Munchkin cats also like being in high places. Although they do not have the capacity to jump to high points in one go, you can be sure that they will find alternative routes to climb.


These cats, which are quite soft, although their hair is long and fluffy, will suffice once a week. Apart from that, they do not have any special care needs.

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