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Maltese Dog


  Another name for dogs known as Maltese Terrier is Maltese Dog. Although Maltese Terrier dogs have a small body, under these tiny bodies there is a strong, sturdy dog. It has no undercoat, and its hair is not curly. The total length of Maltese dogs’ feathers can reach 22-23cm. His ears are long and low down. Its ears and tail are also covered with long white hairs. The eye structure is dark and round. The tip of the nose parts is slightly pointed, and generally, the nose of Maltese dogs is black. The foreheads are evident.

  Dogs of the Maltese Terrier breed have a hyperactive structure. But puppies Maltese terrier dogs can sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day. The time they sleep in proportion to their growth will also decrease. Adult Maltese terrier dogs sleep 12 to 14 hours a day. These dogs, who cannot get sleep, can be cranky, bark more than normal. We have a few suggestions for your dog to sleep well.

– Maltese terrier dogs, which can get cold especially when they sleep, should be 25 degrees and above.

– It is very important that the dog bed is of good quality and soft.

– It would be better to lie in another room, not in your bedroom.

– Feels better if there is a favorite dog toy next to the dog bed.

Maltese Terrier Dental Care

  As with any dog, regular brushing is recommended for the Maltese Terrier. Due to their tendency to dental problems, it is important not to feed dogs only with soft food. A dry and soft food mix diet plan is recommended. In other words, it is recommended that it is neither too set nor too soft. When 3 weeks old, Maltese terrier dogs start to have milk teeth. When they are 2 months old, their teeth are completely removed. 28 teeth of milk should be carefully brushed. When doing this, you should definitely use a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste. Otherwise, those produced for people can cause serious harm to your dog. You can click on the dark place to browse the dog dentist and the dog toothbrush.

General Dog Diseases in Maltese Terrier

  Patella luxury: Patella means kneecap. Luxation means the emergence of an anatomical part. Patellar luxation causes pain by knee joint coming in and out.

  Portosystemic: It is liver disease. It is suspected that the blood is not cleared in this disease.

  Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): Known as an eye disorder. Blindness caused by PRA is experienced by the loss of photoreceptors behind the eyes. You should seek help from the veterinarian.

  White Dog Tremor Syndrome: This disease, which primarily affects white dogs, shows symptoms such as tremor, lack of coordination, and rapid movement in the eyes.

  Dog sneezing occurs especially when your dog gets excited or eats fast. Pollen or other irritants, also seen in the summer, can cause allergic sneezes.

Eye Cleansing in Maltese Terrier Dogs

  The fluid flowing from the eyes of this dog breed needs to be carefully cleaned. Otherwise, spots occur around the eyes and around. It will not be pleasant both in terms of image and for the health of your dog. To do this eye cleaning, you must do the following step by step.

  In Maltese dogs, clean the eyes daily with warm water and wipe the burrs with sterile cotton to prevent the formation of stains and pass.

  Practice Maltese Terrier dogs for ready-to-drink water. Since the water with high mineral content causes staining, you can get purified, bottled water for your dog.

  Feed your dog, not in a plastic container, but a food and water bowl made of stainless ceramic or glass.

  Don’t forget to clean your dog’s food and water containers regularly. The cleaning of the container used and the cleaning of the dog food that is eaten affect the infection of your dog that affects eye discomfort.

Maltese Terrier Hair Care Tips

  Maltese Terrier dogs have long and silky hair. Although their feathers are white, they may also have yellowish or brown spots. It is very important to do daily hair care. Daily eye cleaning and feather care are required to prevent smears from eye fluid. Take care of this dog comb you should do with. Hair loss of Maltese Terrier dogs may be due to their feeding. Using high-quality dog ​​food and dog vitamins will solve this problem. If dogs have excessive hair loss, it can be caused by Alopecia. This canine disease is seen as a circular shedding of hair on the body. It can be a disease caused by hormones or it can be caused by other reasons. Since this disease can have many causes, you can take your dog to a veterinarian to provide the correct detection and get recommendations for the necessary treatment.


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