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Maine Coon Cat


Meet the Maine Coon Cat, the largest domestic cat in the world! Maine Coon Cat Features, Character, and Care, which have great dimensions and excellent characteristics, are carefully prepared for you. Scroll the page to learn more about the features of caring, curious, and giant large Maine Coon cats.

The Maine Coon cat is large and loving. After being detected for the first time in the North-East America region, it was thought to be of interest to people in other parts of the world and spread to the whole world.

These cats, which have a very shiny plumage structure, have managed to attract the attention of all animal lovers with their long hair and showy physical properties.

The Maine Coon cat, which is very expensive among breed cats and attracts attention with its physical features, is the most preferred cat of animal lovers with big houses; He ranked first in Catarvis Magazine, surpassing other competitors.

Maine Coon, which is said to have much longer hairs before domestication, has lost some of its early features due to frequent mating with local cat breeds.

Maine Coon Cat History

The first place where the Maine Coon species is detected in the regions in the eastern parts of North America. The hunting skills are very advanced Maine Coon cats; They have adapted wonderfully to cold with their long and thick hairs in the form of wool.

With the discovery of the North American region; It started to recognize the huge size Maine Coon cats. These cute cats, which are loved and domesticated by the people in the region, have spread all over the world in a short time because they are easy to get used to.

The Maine Coon cat, which finds itself among the most popular cat breeds not only in America but also of the world; has entered our homes with its loyal and humanistic personality, its image that fascinates people.

Its acceptance as a cat is officially recognized by the American Federal Biological Research Board in 1993.

Maine Coon Cat Character

It is very rare to witness the cat’s rude behavior, which can establish a very strong bond with its owner and become able to understand all of the commands over time.

Maine Coon cat; He has the intelligence to establish a very strong bond with his owner and to understand all of the commands given over time. Usually, they do not have rude movements and attract attention to their loving attitude.

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