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Lorikeet Parrot


  Lorikeet parrot is one of the most remarkable species among parrot species. Because they look quite beautiful with their colorful feathers. So much so that it is one of the parrots with the most color variants. The fact that they are very active and warm-blooded are also the features that attract people’s attention.

  This breed, capable of speaking, can speak in time with sufficient interest and relevance. However, we would like to point out that Lori parrots, whose energies are very high, may sound uncomfortable at times. They are also called chattering lory birds because they make so many sounds. Their lifespan is approximately 20 to 25 years. Determining the sex of Lori parrots is quite difficult.

Lorikeet Parrot Nutrition

  In the feeding of Lori parrots, most of the nutrients are fruits and vegetables. Because stomach structures are very thin. It is not useful to constantly feed with seeds. A nutrition plan can be made, supported by seeds where fruits and vegetables are predominant.

  Lori parrots are very picky about choosing a mate. When they find the right partner, they can bring offspring to the world. Incubation periods are about 28 days. 80 days after hatching, they have their own will. Therefore, also, you need to give flour worm to feed the baby lory parrot.

  To understand how old the lory parrots are, it is necessary to look at the beak and eye structures. For example, adults have beak orange, while smaller ones have dark spots.

  Lori parrots need large spaces to live. Therefore, the large parrot cage should be preferred. Otherwise, small living spaces would be torture for them. Also, bird roosters that will be used in the cage must be wooden roosters and clean roosters. So you should clean bird roost frequently. Since Lori parrots have filed their beak thanks to the perches, you should take care to clean them so that they do not get sick.

Lori Parrot Species

  Lorikeet parrots have two varieties called rainbow and cardinal. It is called a rainbow and it is quite colorful like a rainbow. In this way, they have stunning beauty. There are exactly 22 different subspecies. When they reach adulthood, their height can be up to 30 cm.

  The cardinal Lori parrot is not as colorful as the so-called rainbow. Still, the pomegranate red color is quite evident. The tongue structure is similar to a brush. It is harder to care for than the rainbow Lori parrot. You need to constantly monitor your needs.

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