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Kashmir Cat

  • Between Children – 3/10
  • Intelligence – 6/10
  • Mobility – 5/10
  • Maintenance Need – 8/10
  • Acting – 6/10
  • Trainability – 5/10
  • Summary – 5.5 / 10

Kashmir cats of Indian origin are a remarkable breed with their loyalty to their owners.


The Kashmir cat breed, which appeared in the northern regions of India, is thought to have occurred with a natural mutation. Although it is not known in which years it was first seen, its origins are thought to be based on Himalayan cats.

After being noticed in India, Kashmir cats brought to the USA began to be produced intensively in the USA. The Kashmir race, which attracted attention due to its colors and characteristics, managed to become popular in the USA in a short time. Kashmir cats, which have appeared in many cat beauty contests, are very common in Europe, like the USA.

Sizes – Weight

Kashmir cats can vary in size. This breed, which ranges from 3 kilograms to 10 kilograms on average, can gain excess weight when it is not fed properly.

Life Time

The life cycle of Kashmir cats is extremely long. A healthy Kashmir cat can live up to 20 years.


The most distinctive characteristic of this breed is its calm structure. Kashmir cats, who are overwhelmed with intense attention, are generally suitable for feeding in calm home environments. Although it is a social breed, it is recommended to leave these cats on their own in some cases and allow time for rest.

Kashmir cats, which are very easy to get used to people, act with a superior sense of loyalty once they know their owners. Kashmir, who always want to be together, will always want to be on your lap while sleeping.

The most interesting feature of Kashmir cats is that they are more active at night. Kashmir race, which has superior visibility especially in the dark, will want to travel freely in the house at night.

This race may be slightly weak in terms of mobility. Kashmir, who do not get along with the children very well because of this feature, prefer to sit in a corner and watch what is going on rather than playing games.


Kashmir cats have silky and long hairs. These hairs need to be combed regularly to keep them healthy and healthy. It is recommended to scan Kashmir cats every day.

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