Jumbo Budgerigar


  Jumbo budgie parakeet species are among the most appropriated in Turkey. Although its name is called jumbo in our country, it is known as show budgerigar in other countries. The most striking feature that distinguishes Jumbo budgerigars from other species is that their head parts are larger. So much so that the feathers on their heads are almost long enough to close their eyes, and the jumbo budgerigar has a very remarkable feature. They have an average height of 25 cm and their spots are larger and more prominent than other budgerigars.

Show Jumbo Budgerigar

  Show Jumbo Budgerigar is the kind of bird you are looking for if you want to always hear a sound and a chirping bird in your home. We can say that this bird species is quite cheerful. Even speaking skills are quite improved compared to other budgies. You have the ability to learn up to 1,700 words when you show the necessary interest and attention. Jumbo budgerigar can learn when he talks to you or by hearing the words by himself. Male Jumbo Budgerigar is more talented than females.

  Jumbo Budgerigars have a hyperactive structure. They constantly feel the need to play. So there must be enough bird toys in the budgie cage to keep them entertained. Otherwise, you may need to take care of your pet constantly. The jumbo budgerigar can get aggressive when they can’t find anything to keep their interest or interest in.

Show Budgerigar Nutrition

  Jumbos, which are the other name Show Budgerigar, need to be fed with bird feed just like other birds. You can buy any budgerigar lure you wish to feed the jumbo budgerigar. But if your bird is in the development stage, you can use the bird feeder with honey crackers if you want to grow early and to feed better during the training period. You can also get help from your veterinarian on this matter.

How is Gender Discrimination Made in Jumbo Budgerigars?

  Just like other budgies, Jumbo Budgies are also very easy. In this regard, beaks are the best guide. If the birds’ beak looks light pink, the female has a blue hue, but we understand that it is the male Jumbo Budgerigar.

Jumbo Budgerigar