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  • Between Children – 7/10
  • Intelligence – 8/10
  • Mobility – 6/10
  • Maintenance Need – 6/10
  • Acting – 7/10
  • Trainability – 6/10

Javanese cats, among the smartest cat breeds, are as athletic and energetic as they are intelligent.


Javanese cats, considered a longer-haired variation of Siamese cats, were produced by a group of researchers on Siamese cats. Javanese cats, born as a breaking of Siamese and Balinese cats, are of Balinese origin.

Javanese cats, which took its name from the island of Java adjacent to the island of Bali, managed to be recognized as a different and new breed in 2008. Until this year, Javanese cats, which have not been considered a new breed despite very long research, are still being discussed by many organizations.

Sizes – Weight

Javanese cats can have weights ranging from 2 kilograms to 4.5 kilograms.


Javanese cats can live between 10 and 15 years. There is no known weakness in health and it is quite durable.


Javanese cats, which have the same characteristics as Siamese cats, enjoy watching their owners. Javanese race, which you will especially like to follow you in situations where you do complex work, does not neglect to interfere with the things you do from time to time.

These cats, who do not like to sleep alone at night, will always want to spend time with you. He will likely climb into your bed while sleeping and want to spend time with you.

Javanese cats are both athletic and very smart. Javanese race, who always wants to use his intelligence, shows this in his toy preferences. This breed, which prefers difficult and difficult to solve games rather than classic, still cat toys, has the ability to turn everything in the house into toys. Especially your moving items will attract the attention of Javanese cats.


Javanese cats, whose feathers are durable, need to be combed twice a week. Apart from that, there is no point that you need to be careful about it. As with most cats, bathing in Javanese cats is rarely necessary.

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