Jako Parrot


The number of those who feed parrots in our country is increasing day by day. One of the most fed of these parrot species is the Jako parrot. Jako parrots are animals that are both smart and pleasant to feed at home. In this article, we wanted to share the information about the care and education of these smart birds, which are domestic birds, in this article.

Jako Parrot

  Another name for the Jako parrots is the Gray African parrot. Principe Islands Bioko and Cote d’Ivoire, from the southeast to west Kenya, are natural habitats. When Jaco parrots love their owners, their mouths open, they talk a lot. They are even called chattering parrots. Taking the time for him will create an unbreakable bond between you. So how should be the care of the Jako Parrots? How should Jako Parrots be trained and fed?

Jako Parrot Care

– As with any pet, the freshness and cleanliness of food and water should be constantly checked in the parrot. Broken, stale foods should never be given.

– Create as much freshwater as possible. If you want to give the water of the jako parrot from tap water, we recommend that you give tap water, which is pre-soaked in bottles, as well as rested water.

– For the Jako Parrot, who loves to feed on fruit trees in their natural habitat, you can give him sliced ​​fruit at certain times, allowing him to live in his natural environment and make them happy.

– Never leave the parrot jackets in a dark environment. This can cause them to get stressed. At the same time, the cage should not be placed in a place where the sun comes upright.

– When you are not at home, it is beneficial for your pet to be in the cage for safety reasons.

– You should observe whether the cables exposed in your house are likely to be gnawed by the parrot and take the necessary measures. Otherwise, gnawing cables such as the chandelier cables lead to electric shocks. Generally, this situation causes death in the Jaco parrots.

Jako Parrot Nutrition

– You can feed the fruits of olive trees, solid eggs, pieces of dry bread with milk, boiled potatoes, corn, unsalted sunflower seeds, peanuts, oats, wheat, rice, barley, and nuts for your parrot.

– We do not recommend giving greens such as parsley and lettuce as they have diarrhea.

Many other bird species do not like to be alone. They may become stressed when they are indifferent and loveless. This stress can also cause them to molt.

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Jako Parrot Training

  Jako parrots are animals that enjoy attracting attention. If you talk to them before they get interested, they will not leave your love unrequited. Also, if you give them the food they love, and if you provide them with intimacy, you will not have difficulty in providing the education you want.

Jako Parrot

Jako Parrot

Jako Parrot

Jako Parrot