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How Much Should I feed My Cat?


having a quotation means signing a huge responsibility. Especially if you are going to own an animal for the first time, it means that there will be many questions that make you confused. The most important of these will be those on nutrition. Let’s say you own a cat and you don’t know how to feed it. In your mind, “How much food should I give my cat, how much should I feed it?” Of course, there will be questions like. Let’s look for answers to these questions together…

First health, then nutrition

If we consider the cat nutrition in general, we should actually touch many issues. Because nutrition is not as simple as the idea of ​​”let me put a container in front of my pie, let it be satiated”. There are nutritional values ​​that dogs and cats should get with food. Nutrition of a cat depends on its age, weight, mobility, conception, sterilization, diseases, health, or even whether it likes dry or wet food.

Cat owners usually feed their cats twice in the morning and evening, but this number may vary from cat to cat. According to the weight and activity of cats, changes can be made from time to time. The person who will assist you in this regard is your veterinarian. Paying attention to weight control as well as your hairy friend’s health checks will take you to the right path. Because if your cat has any health problems, it may be necessary to change the diet.

The most important detail that you should pay attention to as the owner of the animal is that your cat does not consume too much food. For this, you should consider age, weight, and health. The feeding of a kitten you own and a 5-year-old cat should never be the same. Both cats must have their own unique diet. My personal suggestion is; feeding your adult cat twice a day and your kitten three times a day.

What about food selection?

As a veterinarian, I don’t want to guide you on choosing food. My clinician colleagues can give different directions depending on the health of cats. But we all have a common belief that; Cats need high protein and vital amino acids in their diet. They should be fed low fat and carbohydrates for a healthy life. So, I would suggest animal owners do research instead of suggesting a brand. The important thing is to feed your cat with food that contains high quality, reliable, and sufficient nutritional values ​​and consider the recommendations of your veterinarian.

If it’s too small…

If your cat is still a puppy, even if it is less than 8 weeks old, you should obtain breast milk-equivalent products from the veterinary clinics and feed it as the physician tells you (usually every 2 hours at 1 week, 4 hours at 2 weeks, and 6 hours at 3 weeks). If it is more than 8 weeks old, you should prefer kitten food. If your new housemate does not have a health problem, you can take advantage of the information behind the food package by looking at your weight, race, mobility, and age.

Let’s come to the dry food-canned food difference…

Many pet owners offer their cats unlimited dry food. So access to dry food is endless for cats. Canned food is preferred at certain times, even as a reward. Animal owners have realized the importance of dry food in the oral and dental health of cats and started feeding their cats with dry food. Canned food does not thirst the cats too much due to the high amount of water they contain, but cats that feed on dry food have higher water consumption and water requirements. So your cat should have endless access to water.

Giving canned food one day and wet food one day will cause cats to face both skin-hair problems and digestive-intestinal problems. Cats are selective animals, they are also very sensitive about food. Sudden changes will affect them badly. Speaking selectively, we would like to remind you that not every cat will like the same taste. You may have some difficulties when introducing your cat to food because some cats love chicken, some cats love fish, and some love meat! Let’s see what’s going to be addicted to you!

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