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How To Give Medicine To Cats?


There is nothing as relaxing as learning that your cat will recover after a veterinary visit; However, what is necessary for her recovery is to drink her medication, of course, like any cat owner, it is quite normal for you to worry. How will I include medicine? How can I be sure that the drug will work? How will he react to my attempt to force medication? This and many more questions may start to turn in your mind before you start treatment… Of course, it is not fair to say that it is an easy process when it comes to drinking drugs for cats; however, it is possible to swallow that pill that will be good for your furry friend with some advice and small tips from the expert. How to swallow cats, it’s time to learn.

Different Ways to Drink Medicine to Your Cat

Following these four steps while trying to drink medicine to your cat will make your job easier: preparation, persistence, patience, and one supporter. (It is useful to have four hands rather than two hands to make sure everything is working well.)

Added the medicine to food

One can try before moving on to more complicated techniques administering medication and kandırmacal have a simple method: Pharmaceuticals your cat to the food to the floor. Of course, the easiest method is to try first, it is the most usual scenario. Since most cats cannot say no to canned food, they will often not even realize that there is a different drug in it. Prepare a plate of wet food in the usual portion, inject it into the liquid medicine as far as the vet gives, and mix the food well to blend it well. If the medicine does not have a strong smell or taste, your cat will have consumed it without realizing it is in the food. If this does not work, it will be necessary to switch directly to the drug dose.

Delivering the Drug Dose Directly to the Cat

If you plan to give your cat liquid medicine, you must first clear the room of all factors that can distract your cat. Other pets, noisy people, or your cat’s favorite toys are at the top of this list. After completing this process, you will need a flat surface, such as a table or bench. After placing a towel on the surface, you should clean your work area and get your cat ready to lay. In order not to cause any worries in him, you can hold him on your lap first and make him calm by stroking him. If it is uncomfortable or stretched, you may need to wrap yourself in a thick towel or blanket. After taking all the safety precautions, you should soothe it with a soft and calm tone and wrap it in a towel so that only the head is visible.

There are two different ways to put the medicine in your mouth: If it is not too aggressive, you can inject the medicine into your mouth with a quick move at any time it meows and therefore opens your mouth. On the other hand, if he is in a very tense and mobile position, you can apply to hold the neck, which is the savior move, and give the medicine to him after pressing on both sides of his mouth. Of course, this second method should be a C plan that you should refer to when all other methods don’t work.

The most important thing to consider when giving medicine to your cat is not to be angry and shout at it. This will make him even more aggressive, depressing his spirits and causing him to stress too much. Remember that it is not his fault that he is sick or needs medicine, and you are the guardian who is there to help him.

Giving Pill to Cat

It is possible to say that cats love to pill at least as much as they like to take a bath (!). That is why giving cats a pill is known as a more difficult process than giving liquid medicine.

As always, the most important point is to protect your calm and patience. If your cat feels nervous, this can make it even more aggressive.

To give your cat pills, first wrap it in a thick towel or blanket. In this way, he will not be able to move his paws and will necessarily have to a standstill. After taking a position where only the head is visible, place your thumb and middle finger under the chin and apply light pressure and tilt the head back. This movement will allow your mouth to open and your throat to be visible to you. Place the pill exactly in the middle of your mouth and quickly close it without wasting much time. Then start to rub the throat gently but fast so that the medicine goes down the stomach. As soon as your cat starts licking her lips, you will realize that the pill has gone through her throat.

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