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How Long Do Domestic Cats Live?


  Cats are among the most fed pets in our country and in the world. So how many years do cats share with humans? So how many years do cats live?

  How many years of cats live can vary depending on factors such as race, nutritional quality, and environment. Therefore, it would not be correct to say anything precise about the lives of cats and their lifetimes. Especially the living conditions of cats living on the streets are more difficult compared to cats living at home.

Life of Cats

  Cats live on average 12 to 18 years. But as we mentioned earlier, street cats may not be so lucky. In fact, many stray cats can lose their lives when they are young before they reach 1 year of age. For this reason, when we generalize, we do not exaggerate if we say the lifetime of the cats on the street is 1 in 3 compared to a pet. It is disadvantageous compared to domestic cats due to adverse conditions such as car strikes, human violence, epidemic disease, hunger, thirst, and fighting with other cats in the loss of lives of cats on the street.

Longest Living Cat

  It is known that the title of the cat, which lived the longest to date, was in Creme Puff, who died in 2005 at the age of 38. Here, it is not only about the proper nutrition of cats, but also about the race and living conditions, as well as regular health checks. For this reason, if you want your cat to have a long life, if you cannot break it, you should not take it to the veterinarian regularly and skip the general health examination. Problems arising from cat breeds or obesity are the most obvious health problems that shorten the life of cats. If you wish, let’s consider this issue in articles.

What Can Be Done To Extend The Life Of Cats?

  They can live with us for much longer after the necessary attention and care have been taken to cats. So what can we do to make cats live a long and healthy life?

– Getting to know your cat gives you a lot of insight into his health. Even the smallest changes in your cute friend can help you avoid a major health problem that you may notice early.

– It is very important that your cat is regularly taken to veterinary checks and vaccinations are not interrupted since the first time it was born.

– When feeding your pet, always feed it with a variety of quality cat food that is not suitable for the race, age, etc. Never feed him home, as it will not comply with your cat’s nutritional values.

– In order for cats to live a healthy life, it is absolutely necessary to have the ideal weight. Excessive weakness or overweight negatively affects your cat’s health. For this reason, keep your cat’s weight under control.

– Cats need daily exercise, although not as much as dogs. You can meet the necessary exercise needs with their favorite games to play and by using cat toys.

– Besides the care that cats need to lead a healthy life, the interest and love to be shown to them are very useful in extending their lives. If you provide an environment that will make your cat feel loved and happy, you will have laid a solid foundation in your life for its health.

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