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How is a Cat Washed?


Perhaps the biggest problem for people with cat friends at home is “How to wash a cat?” is the analysis of the question. Because cats are beings who never like to be washed, who don’t like water. It is a very difficult situation to put it in the bathroom and prepare them for washing. We decided to find a cure when the cat in our house thinks about our friend and I think it works. If you want to wash your animal friend and don’t know how to do it, we can help you with a little solution.

How is a cat washed?

Nail Cut

First, we begin the process of preparing the bathroom by cutting the cat’s nails. The reason for this is done to prevent damage to the cat in contact with water. You can do this a few hours before washing the cat or a day or two. In this way, the cat will not go into the washing rush and calm down whenever its nails are cut. Nails should be cut in a way that does not hurt the cat and does not cause bleeding. After cutting our cat’s nails, it can be rewarded with a reward food and it can be conditioned and the cat will feel better and calm down.

This Step Must Be Done: Cat Screening

In combing the cat, the tangles formed in the feathers will be eliminated. It should be done while dry, as it will be difficult and painful to comb when the cat is wet. If this is the case for your cat, it can be softly combed while washing the cat. Even if the cat relaxes in the nail cutting process, you can still distract and calm by scanning. In the meantime, it will help you to have someone to help you.

Choosing the Right Shampoo

It is recommended to buy shampoo from a pet shop or with the support of the veterinarian. Taken cat shampoos to read the instructions to understand what is appropriate and needs to be done if the dilution process. Shampoos or dog shampoos that are never made for humans should not be used on our cat friends. It can cause skin dryness and poisoning on the cat. If there is no shampoo instead, just washing it with water will have a better effect on cat health. When applying the shampoo to the cat’s body, it will be better to use the hands instead of fiber in the distribution of the shampoo.

How is a cat washed? Cat-Friendly Should Wash

First of all, before we put it into the water, we have to tire the cat a little with games so that when it gets into the water, the chance of biting, scratching, or escaping will be reduced, it will be arbitrary. The moment when the cat is calm is the ideal time to wash it. This moment can usually be the time after you fill your stomach. If our cat is energetic, it would be good to tire a little.

Then the bathroom should be prepared before washing the cat. Our friend’s favorite toys can be put in the tub and then the cat can be put in the tub and the game can be continued there. The bathtub is filled with very little water and it continues to play with the cat. Thus, we have accustomed the cat to the water and it will be ensured that the cat sees washing as an enjoyable event. Also, it can be ensured that your cat is enthusiastic to wash by simply letting him play a toy that he enjoys playing.

How is a cat washed? Bathroom Preparation

The door of the bathroom should be closed to prevent the cat from escaping and if there is another cat in the house, it should not be allowed to enter the bathroom. Because the presence and sound of another cat cause the cat to panic. If there is a toilet in the bathroom, it should be closed and the cat should get used to this environment. It should be noted that there is no sand container in an environment where the cat is located. Because if the cat does not have a place to escape when it wants to escape, it can enter the sandbox as the safest area and cause sand to be everywhere.

Safety of the Bathtub Should Be Ensured

How is the cat washed? In the question, a rubber cover or towel should be laid inside the bathtub so that the cat can slip and stand on its paws. Also, cooling racks or oven racks can be used to keep the cat holding. Thus, the cat can be made to feel safe. To help the cat dry, at least 2 towels should be kept in reserve.

Bathtub Preparation Process

Before you put the cat in the bathroom, the tub should be filled with water at a height to prevent the cat from fear of running water. Rinsing water should be prepared beforehand. Thus, you can prevent the cat from seeing the flowing water and make it more comfortable to wash. The showerhead should not be used when washing the cat. The washing process should be gentle and make you feel comfortable as if playing with your cat in the water. You can never leave the cat until the washing process is over. Because going away means that the cat is panicking and afraid.

Protective Clothing Should Be Preferred

Long-sleeved t-shirts such as sweaters and cardigans should be preferred to prevent scratches of the cat. Care should be taken when washing sensitive parts of the cat’s head and abdomen. In this case, old clothes can also be worn.

How is a cat washed? Cat Control Should Be Provided

The cat will try to escape first. To prevent this, you can talk to the cat and take care to keep the cart steady. Apart from this, the cat can be prevented from coming out of the tub by using a chest collar. In order not to hurt the cat’s neck, it should be held by the neck area. Also, having someone to help you will make it easier to wash the cat. While one can wash the cat, the other can help hold it and make sure the cat is breathing comfortably.

Should Not Fight With The Cat

It should not be a fight with the cat and only the front paws can be put into the water to accustom to the water and the cat can be washed slowly by simply wetting it. Otherwise, cat scratches and cat panic may occur. If you are nervous and excited when washing the cat, the cat will also be nervous and excited.

Shampoo should not escape into the cat’s eyes, nose, mouth, and ears

Cotton can be helped to minimize all ear infections that may occur in the cat, and cotton should be removed immediately after washing. If you want to save the cat from fleas, the neck should be wetted first. When the cat is wet, the fleas will go to the dry areas of the cat. Therefore, wetting the cat’s neck prevents the cat from moving towards the head. Thus, the fleas will be finished. Then, the cat should be rinsed with the water previously prepared by pouring the water in the tub. Pouring should continue until the water is completely clear.

If Cat Resists Washing, Fiber Should be Used

If the cat is against washing despite all the efforts, cats can be cleaned with special cloths that do not need wetting, which you can obtain from pet shops.

How is a cat washed? Cat Drying

First, all the wetness on the cat should be removed with a towel. It can then be supplemented with a different towel. The towel should be dried with gentle movements with its massage. It can also be dried by heating with a towel dryer. If the cat does not want to be dried with a towel, remote drying can be done with hot air and a towel on which they can sit. You can also scan the cat to help it both set up and feel comfortable.

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