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Honey Bear Cat

  • Between Children – 7/10
  • Intelligence – 7/10
  • Mobility – 7/10
  • Maintenance Need – 8/10
  • Acting – 7/10
  • Trainability – 6/10
  • Summary – 7/10

Attracting attention with its cute appearance and magnificent intelligence, Honey Bearcats are one of the best breeds that deal with children.


Honey Bearcats of a different origin began to be produced by genetic engineering, not by natural mutation. Work on the Honey Bear breed, which is the result of combining the genes taken from the honey badger with the Iranian cat, is still ongoing.

Recognized as a new breed since 1990, there are not many in the world of Honey Bearcats. The reproduction of Honey Bearcats, which is still not recognized by most organizations, is also limited because they are produced entirely by genetic engineering.

This breed, which is very rare today, is tried to be kept under protection especially by cat organizations. Being one of the first genetic studies on cats, this breed, which is still under surveillance to map the gene, is at a very special point with its character.

Sizes – Weight

Honey Bearcats reach up to 6 kilograms. There is not much growth.

Life Time

The average life span of the Honey Bear breed is 10 years. Life cycles, which vary depending on proper nutrition and environmental factors, are usually healthy.


Honey Bearcats are very athletic and playful. This breed, which is especially sensitive to tasseled objects in the house, enjoys playing games. Thanks to its very high energy level, Honey Bearcats, which are good friends for children, can get along with young children very well.

It may take some time for the Honey Bear race, which gets along well with people, to get used to your home. While he is a little cold towards people he has just met, he will have a completely different love if he gets used to you. Honey Bearcats, which tend to follow your every step in the house, will surprise you with their intelligence.


The fur of the Honey Bearcats is quite frequent and long. For this reason, it is recommended to be scanned daily. It is recommended not to wash Honey Bearcats that do not need a bath.

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