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Himalayan cat

  • Between Children – 2/10
  • Intelligence – 5/10
  • Mobility – 3/10
  • Maintenance Need – 10/10
  • Acting – 4/10
  • Trainability – 4/10

Himalayan cats, which will be a very interesting friend with their sullen facial expression and different character, require a bit of effort, but it is definitely worth it.


This breed, which was discovered by the mating of the Iranian cat and the Siamese cat, began to be recognized in 1931. The Himalayan cats, which bear the characteristics of both Iranian and Siamese cats, began to be reproduced in 1934. Especially, the Himalayan cats, which attracted attention thanks to their images, started to attract attention from professional manufacturers in a short time, and they started to be seen all over the world since 1950.

This cat breed, which received special attention from British and American manufacturers, was accepted by international organizations as a breed of Iranian cats in 1984. Although many organizations consider Himalayan cats to be a separate species, research on it is still ongoing.

Sizes – Weight

Himalayan cats, which have average dimensions, can have weights ranging from 3 kilograms to 6 kilograms.


Himalayan cats can live between 9 and 15 years.


Himalayan cats, which reflect the characteristics of Iranian cats, one of their ancestors, have a quiet, calm, and cute temperament. Himalayan cats, who set a favorite spot while living in the house, are very fond of sitting on the lap. This breed, which has a character that constantly enjoys spending time at a certain point, is quite domestic.

Himalayan cats who hate noise as a character tend to escape and hide from noisy environments. If there is a lot of noise in the house, you should definitely provide silence to these cats.

Although it is not a multiplayer character, it is recommended that you give hairy and colorful toys to Himalayan cats who always want to satisfy their hunting instincts. The Himalayan people, who generally like to follow bright objects, do not play more than a few hours a day.


Caring for Himalayan cats is very troublesome compared to other breeds. Since it has a long and delicate coat, it has to be combed daily.

Paying special attention to the cleanliness of its sand, the Himalayan people do not use the box if its sand is dirty. You should pay special attention to this issue.

It is recommended to clean your eyes daily so that frequent eye discharge in Himalayan cats does not threaten your cat’s health.

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