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Hagia Sophia’s Cat Gli



First, we visit Gli, the most famous cat of Hagia Sophia. Gli, who has settled in our country and the world agenda at once with the love of former US President Barack Obama, is now 14 years old. Defne Bali, the Deputy Director of the Museum, who has been taking care of her all kinds of care for 14 years, explains Gli: “Gli was three brothers. My daughter and a sister named Pati had a brother. Her brother Pati died at an early age. They were born in 2004. They grew up under my desk with my daughter. In fact, his name was Gray, but when he realized that he was squinted, he jokingly returned to Gli. For Gli, many of us are wondering if an empress lives. It is a very different cat with its stance and dominance. ”


Saying that Gli made one puppy when he was only one year old, Bali said, “There was a cat named Black Black Boy, the most stabbing young man in the neighborhood. It was a big-headed, big-patted, very flashy cat. He made only one pup from him. Normally, while cats are 4-5 kittens, Gli made only one kitten. We named it Karakız. Unfortunately, he could not live very long. He died when he was 4 years old. ” Indicating that all museum employees approach Gli with special care, Bali explains Gli’s relationship with my daughter as follows: “My daughter and I are always sided by side. We call them two brothers. They get along so well together. They give very nice pictures to the visitors. ”


Bali explains the capture of a Korean tourist years ago trying to catch Gli at the entrance and put it in his bag: “This is noticed by security guards. We also learned a lot later. The response of the captured tourist is also terrible: I will take it and eat it. He is our pupil. We wouldn’t like it to be a Korean meal. ” About Gli’s entry into the Hagia Sophia cultural inventory, Bali said, “Former President Prof. Dr. Haluk Dursun wrote a book called Hagia Sophia Cultural Inventory during the 2010 Istanbul European Capital of Culture. Here, Gli’s name and photo were also included. Haluk Dursun called them Ketu’s Bizantekus. “It is estimated that these cats’ lineages date back to Byzantium.”

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