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The goldfinch is a finch. This bird species, which is often fed in cages, attracts attention with its crowing. The goldfinch, which resembles a sparrow, also attracts attention with its pattern and colors of its feathers. Goldfinch habitat of different forms found in Europe, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, western, Morocco, Algeria, southern England, is facing the Black Sea, Russia. These regions change seasonally.
Goldfinch FeaturesThe goldfinch is an average 13-centimeter bird species. The origin of its name is extremely interesting. This name was given to him because of the natural feature of the goldfinch, which was fed in cages many years ago because of both its crowing and its colors. The goldfinch can attract small branches by clamping it with two feet for both nesting and feeding in the natural environment. The people who saw this event made the event a cruise after this discovery. After that, the jellyfish placed in the cage draws the water container outside towards itself to drink water from the water bowl in the cage, just like in nature. Due to this feature, the name of the jade, which means water seller, has been given to this bird. When looking at the colors of the goldfinch, the main colors stand out. Redness behind the eyes, brown band pattern on the neck,

The Goldfinch’s Way of Life

European Goldfinch usually lives by nesting in forest edges and wooded places. It feeds on thistle seeds in its natural environment. This bird species, which is frequently encountered in gardens and parks, makes its nest 6 meters above ground level. The female of the goldfinch lays 6 eggs during the breeding period. The female can incubate on average 3 times in a breeding season. The goldfinch is in the rover bird group. The goldfinch, which migrates for a short time, returns to its original place and nest after a while.

Types of GoldfinchThe goldfinch has many species in different forms, colors, and patterns. The most well known and nourished of these are;

  • Coal beard: The smallest species of the Saka family. It is also the most abundant species in nature. The fact that there are so many brings with it the most domestication feature. The charcoal goldfinch is also referred to as the ugliest goldfinch among the jade breeders.
  • Ak garden Saka: It is named after it has whiteness in its throat. It is slightly larger than the charcoal beard. At the same time, the tail feathers have white spots on both sides.
  • Kasım sakası: It is the most attractive and eye-catching species among goldfinch species. It attracts those who feed jokes with both singing and form. However, this goldfinch species is also the wildest. For this reason, owning and feeding is a bit difficult and troublesome. November cocks have longer tails and larger heads.
  • Keneset: It was named after the lentil-sized redness on its nape.
  • March Gold: They got this name because they migrated in March. By breeding with canaries, birds with water can be obtained. March beard, which has a full voice, is one of the species that attracts attention with crowing among the goldfinch species.

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