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  • Between Children – 9/10
  • Trainability – 9/10
  • Exercise Need – 6/10
  • Energy Level – 6/10
  • Acting – 7/10
  • Between Other Dogs – 9/10
  • Between Other Animals – 9/10
  • Protectionism – 3/10
  • Average Life Time – 6/10

This breed created by crossbreeding Golden Retrievers and Labrador dogs has both a loving and very cute appearance.


The origins of the Goldador breed are not very old. This breed, which was first produced 15 years ago, was produced by crossbreeding Labrador and Golden dogs. As a result of this process, which was followed with interest by the dog organizations, a very successful result was obtained. Combining the features of both breeds, Goldador is one of the most preferred breeds as a guide dog today.

Weight – Dimensions

The Goldador race has weights starting from 27 kilograms and reaching 35 kilograms. Its length can reach around 150 cm. Goldador is shown among large dog breeds.


The average life expectancy of this breed varies between 10 and 15 years.


The Goldador breed has a very interesting character. Although he can be a very good watchdog thanks to his very high attention, the fact that his character is very affectionate prevents this breed from being used as a watchdog. Goldador dogs, who are very warm towards every person, get along very well with everyone unless they are harmed.

As it can be easily trained, the highly intelligent Goldador race is skilled enough to act by solving even very complicated events alone. Thanks to these features, Goldador, which is the most preferred breed in the world as a guide dog, is also a very good family dog.

Goldador dogs do not like to be alone, as they are very loving. Although it seems a bit big to feed the height at home, it is impossible for this breed to be happy for a long time in the garden or in an environment where it is left alone. For this reason, he has to live with people as much as possible.


Although the Goldador breed is primarily recommended to be fed in a garden house, it can also live without problems in the home environment if enough exercise is done daily. Exercising is very important for Goldador who needs at least half an hour of exercise daily.

It is useful to teach the Goldador dogs who need not only physical but also mental exercise, simple numbers that they can use at home. For example, you can train your dog to bring your slippers so that you can get the necessary mental exercises.

Relationship with Children

Goldador is an ideal family dog. The gentle character that can live with children of all ages puts the Goldador is a very special place.

Young children can try to play games, especially when they are young because they have very high energy levels. For this reason, it is recommended not to leave the puppies Goldador dogs together with young children.

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