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German Shepherd


  The German shepherd is a dog breed that has emerged as a result of breed studies to produce a reliable, loyal, and beautiful dog, and takes more than 30 years to develop. After completing the development of the dog, it became a part of the police forces and army in Germany. German shepherd dogs, known for their resistance to extremely harsh conditions, quickly became one of the most popular dogs in the world with their strong, intelligent, and trainable structure.

Features of the German Wolf

  With its extremely loyal and smart personality, the German shepherd has the ideal characteristics both for families and the intelligence dog today. Being very cautious towards foreign people always makes him a good watchdog. They are also known as happy dogs that inform their owners in case of danger. The German shepherd is among the rare species that can display excellent skills with proper training.

German Shepherd Personality

  The German shepherd is mostly known for being on her own. Although it has a wild appearance, it is not an aggressive species. Its structure, which is very selective about friendship, allows it to be careful at all times. But it is a fact that once it is connected to a person, it never leaves. The personality of the German wolf shows that it is extremely loyal. It can be a perfect watchdog with its protector and guardian against the family.

  His intelligent and intelligent personality shows that the German wolf is highly educable. These cute dogs, known for their many skills in this regard, are endless to wake up a deaf person, knock on the doorbell, or even count against preventing dangers. However, the most negative personality of this type is that he never wants to be alone. If they are left alone for a long time, they can show aggressive movements. If you ignore the German wolf and don’t care about it, it can react by barking.

German Shepherd Health Status

  These dogs, also called German Shepherd dogs, can survive for quite a long time if they provide regular feeding and proper environmental conditions. The average life expectancy varies between 9 and 13 years, always with quality dog ​​food and a proper nutrition program. As with many other dog breeds, some hereditary diseases can be seen in the German Shepherd dog.

  Do not neglect personal care practices for your dog to live a healthy life at all times. Also, nutrition, routine exercise, cleaning, and veterinary examination are very important. Do not forget to have vaccination applications with your German shepherd dog to protect the immune system so that the body resistance is always high.

German Shepherd Care

  As with other dog breeds, regular maintenance practices are required for Aman wolf. It should be combed with a dog comb once or twice a week to get rid of dead hair and deep. Such regular exercises with high energy should be included in walking and bird activities. So you can help keep fit and healthy. Also, you need to make sure that all nutritional needs are met. Quality dog ​​food and dietary nutrition should be carried out throughout the life of the German Shepherd.

German Shepherd View

  The German wolf is surrounded by a medium-length double-layered feather structure, as it lives in harsh climates. Feather structure is highly resistant to rain and decision animals. Some are born with a long hair structure. However, an ideal German shepherd has medium length hairs. Although it is generally seen in black color, it can also be in black-cream, black-red, black-silver, blue, gray, and white shades. The male German wolf is between 60 and 65 cm, while the teeth vary between 55 and 60 cm. The bodyweight of the German wolf, which also draws attention with its large and strong body, can reach up to 40 kg in males and around 30 kg in females.

Communication of the German Wolf with Children and Other Pets

  The well-trained German shepherd can have a great time with the children, especially the young ones. It is known that he instinctively loves children and protects them against dangers at all times. Although he loves children, he can unintentionally hurt young children due to his large size. Usually, this movement is caused by accidental impact. With its very loving personality, the German shepherd will be an excellent choice for families with children.

  The German shepherd can be a good companion if introduced to other pets from the brood. However, it is known to deal with smaller animals frequently. Often German owners should get support from professional trainers for a while. Also, a poorly trained German wolf can harm the environment. It is generally recommended to feed in garden environments

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