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French Bulldog


  French bulldog or also known as the French bulldog dog breed is one of the most popular breeds in our country and the world. Their ears are almost like bats and have their own unique looks. They have a cute appearance.

The Origin of French Bulldog Dogs

  After the 1950s, lace workers in the UK were unemployed due to the Industrial Revolution and immigrated to France. On their way to France, they took their dogs with them as a toy bulldog. This dog became very popular in France. This dog breed has appeared in the UK, although their names remain French Bulldog. This race, popular in France and later in Europe, was soon loved by Americans. The Americans named this dog Frenchie and are still among the most beloved dog breeds by Americans today.

General of French Bulldog

  The appearance of the French bulldog is very typical and it is not possible to confuse this dog breed with another breed.

  The French Bulldog, a small breed, is 30 cm in length while it is between 9-13 kg.

  The feathers of this breed with short feathers can be yellow, white, tiger patterned, or a mixture of these colors.

  The eyes of the French Bulldog are dark, big, and dislocated. While their ears can be straight or curled, their noses are dark and flattened.

  One of the most distinctive features of this dog breed is that it has ears like a bat.

  The skins of the French Bulldog are soft and loose.

  The French bulldog and the English bulldog look almost the same. The only difference is that the French one is smaller.

French Bulldog Character Properties

  According to some people, a French bulldog with their sullen appearance is quite fun. You will feel it is quite enjoyable to live with them.

  One of the first things that come to mind when the French bulldog character is mentioned is stubbornness.

  They may have trouble with the deal with other dogs. For this reason, they need to socialize with dogs starting from their childhood.

  When they are socialized when they are puppies, they can get on well with cats and dogs.

  It is true that this race, which is good with children, loves to play games. This makes them an ideal dog breed for families with children.

  They are neither very good nor very good with strangers.

  Their stubbornness may at times cause problems with education and obedience.

  French bulldog dogs do not have unnecessary barking tendencies. But they can bark when a stranger arrives. Other than that, they are pretty quiet dogs.

French Bulldog Care

  French bulldog maintenance is very easy. Since it has short hairs, it is sufficient to comb it once a week with a dog comb. They do not need much exercise. Taking half an hour a day is enough to satisfy both toilet and exercise needs. Their average life span is between 12 and 14 years. French bulldogs are breeds that tend to gain weight. Excess weight can harm their health. Therefore, it should be fed with good dog food and proper nutrition program. By the way, the legs of most French bulldog dogs are short. Since they have heavy heads, they cannot swim well. If you have a pool in your home garden, consider the risk of your dog falling and losing their lives.

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