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Flamingo is the common name of the 6 bird species of the Flamingos group that make up the genus from the Flamingogiller family (phoenicopterus). It consists of one genus and its subspecies. Another feature of this species is called the Cuban type since it can reproduce in itself and with other species. Flamingos are called Alli pike in Anatolia. Generally, it is seen near Denizli in Turkey. It has long thin legs, long and curved necks, and feathers in tile-colored tones. The red tones in their feathers are usually due to their eating. The species that live in areas with low carotin content in their food are lighter. Since the offspring and young species receive less amount of keratin, their feathers are white.

Where do flamingos live?

Flamingos are found in Africa, South West and Central Asia, Central America, and Southern Europe. The largest species of Flamingos in Spain and Southern FranceRosa Flamingo appears at the time of incubation. This species is 125 .130 cm tall and lives in Asia, southern Europe, and Africa. In an area between the Netherlands and Germany, a colony of flamingo species lives and is the northernmost colony in the world.
What are the living spaces of flamingos?

Flamingos live in very large communities, in areas where unusual natural conditions are not preferred by other animal and bird species. For example, they live in Tuz lake, lakes with lagoon and large lagoons. In short, this bird species can withstand harsh living conditions. Their number can reach about a million in their environment. Flamingos prefer the Bitter Lake in Denizli to live in our country.

How do flamingos feed?

In general, they feed on animals such as Flamingos, Crabs, Artemia, Shrimps, eating ant larvae, and algae. They can easily reach their food even in the most difficult conditions thanks to their downward bent and thick-tipped, sturdy beaks.

How do flamingos breed?

Because flamingos are a vulnerable bird species, they often fly at night and prefer deserted areas to breed. Each female lays one egg in her conical nest, and the spouses incubate in sequence, until the offspring hatch. Over about a month, the offspring begin to hatch. A newly hatched Flamingo puppy is gray and almost a Duck size. The babies are fed by their parents until they are two months old. At the end of 100 days, they can fly and set up separate communities. Flamingos cannot breed regularly every year. As well as those who lay eggs every year, some lay eggs every 3.4 years.

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